Ironnails are snail-like enemies that mainly appear in Forsaken Lands. Best described as enhanced Numbnails, their main attacks include shooting multiple sleep-inducing beams. Unlike their lesser cousins however, they can spend a turn charging up before dashing at one party member for high damage.

Their initial defense and lack of weaknesses means that Vi and Leif will struggle to damage them without boosts or the front-line bonus, so skills such as Break is recommended to deal with such defense. After being struck with a non-flipping attack, the may hide inside their shells like Numbnails, increasing their already-daunting defense. They can be brought back out with Kabbu's horn or skills such as Vi's Hurricane Toss.

Only the toughest, fastest, and strongest of snails could manage to survive in the Forsaken Lands. Enter the Ironnail, capable of firing sedating beams and moving at high speeds. They've developed a hatred of non-foggy areas, sparing other parts of Bugaria from their wrath.

What speed...! We cannot underestimate any creature that can survive in such a land. Beware its sedatives. I shall drag it out of its shell when it retreats!

O-Oi! Aren't snails slow and stuff? The Forsaken Lands really are super dangerous...We can still just fight them like they're Numbnails, though. Right, Kabbu?

Tch. We got caught off guard by its movements. It mustn't happen again. We almost got put to sleep...! Kabbu, drag it out of its shell. Then, we shall freeze it in its tracks!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike Numbnails, Ironnails can be put to sleep with items.
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