Inichas' are small caterpillars found in Snakemouth Den. They have been altered by the cavern's weird atmosphere and will attack anything they find ahead of them.

They curl up in a ball and launch themselves forward to damage with their spikes.

As they have high defense, they must be flipped to attack their vulnerable underside.

Tattle Log Edit

  • The inichas is a multilegged insect covered in sturdy, spiky armor. It's in the early stages of its life, and is supposed to become a butterfly. However, the strange atmosphere in Snakemouth Den altered it in weird ways: it will forever be a violent, irrational caterpillar.'
  • 'What's up with this thing? It's like a spiky pillbug! Its armor is really strong, so I can barely hurt it. I bet Beetle can flip it over, though!' (Bee's Spy)
  • 'An inichas, this spiky bug is still in its larval stage. Although it has impressive armor, it stands no chance again my horn!' (Beetle's Spy)
  • 'This...thing is really annoying. Ice feels like it should pierce the armor, but it doesn't. Beetle, flip this nuisance.' (Moth's Spy)


  • Inichas' were based on the Inachis caterpillar.