Inichas are small caterpillars found in Snakemouth Den. They have been altered by the cavern's weird atmosphere and will attack anything they find ahead of them.

The first enemy encountered to able to first-strike the party before battle, Inichas attack by rolling into a party member. Kabbu's attack can flip it over and leave it vulnerable for follow-ups, so dispatching should not be much of a challenge.

The inichas is a multilegged insect covered in sturdy, spiky armor. It's in the early stages of its life, and is supposed to become a butterfly. However, the strange atmosphere in Snakemouth Den altered it in weird ways: it will forever be a violent, irrational caterpillar.

An inichas, this spiky bug is still in its larval stage. Although it has impressive armor, it stands no chance again my horn!

What's up with this thing? It's like a spiky pillbug! Its armor is really strong, so I can barely hurt it. I bet Kabbu can flip it over, though!

This...thing is really annoying. Ice feels like it should pierce the armor, but it doesn't. Kabbu, flip this nuisance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Inichas were based on the Inachis caterpillar.
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