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Honey Factory is an area connected to Bee Kingdom Hive. The factory is managed by many worker bees, who are involved in honey production and storage. There are periodically tours for tourists, as well as a tourist shop in the main lobby. The Overseer is the factory's highest-ranking employee, and is in charge of making sure the Honey Factory runs smoothly. It is the dungeon of Chapter 3, and its boss is Heavy Drone B-33.


The Honey Factory consists of three main parts: The Factory area, the Storage area and the Core Area. The Factory area is where honey is made, and many lesser bugs and robots roam there. The Storage area has many boxes storing honey, and many mechanisms can be found there as well. The Core Area is guarded by the Heavy Drone B-33, who goes uncontrollable after the Code 32 Error happens. The core is one piece of the Ancient Key.

The dormitory, tourist shop and the overseer's room can also be found in this area, at the South or the entrance.


Tourist Shop

Item Price
Honey'd leaf icon.png
Honey'd Leaf
Leaf omelet icon.png
Leaf Omelet
Glazed honey icon.png
Glazed Honey
Honey ice cream icon.png
Honey Ice Cream
Shock berry icon.png
Shock Berry



Item Location
Discovery #16 Observe the portrait of the Overseer in her office.
Shock trooper icon.png
Shock Trooper
Found in the Storage Room; drop into a hidden area from atop the boxes.
Crystal berry icon.png
Crystal Berry
Found in the ice puzzle key card room, behind a pipe reached after riding the honey fountain.
Found in the Storage room. Reached by climbing on top of the crates and crossing the bridge. Use Vi's beemerang halt to hit a lever and move a crate that blocks access to the Crystal Berry.


  • This area is one of the areas to be revealed in the demo roundup.