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—Heavy Drone B-33
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Heavy Drone B-33 is the boss of Chapter 3. Heavy Drone B-33 is a robot designed to protect the Honey Factory. It attempts to protect the factory's core as a result of Code 32, causing it to attack Team Snakemouth when they approach.

Heavy Drone B-33 will only fall after being damage twice in the same turn.

After attacking on its first turn, it will always fire a missile into the air. This missile will land at the marked position 3 turns later, dealing damage to the party member there. After a delayed missile lands, another one will be launched.

Its missile attack will fire 2-3 times, damaging a random party member each time.

Once its HP has been reduced to 65%, it will gain DEF down and ATK up for the rest of the battle. After this point, it will occasionally spend a turn to gain one charge, ramming the team the next turn.

The culmination of years of research, the Heavy Drone B-33 was created with a single purpose: protect the factory's core. Although it was heavily damaged in combat, with some repairs it'll be back better than ever, ready to serve the Bee Kingdom.

This poor robot... It's only doing its job. But we cannot back down! I'll do my best to draw in its fire while Vi knocks it down!

Malbee wasn't kidding on orientation day. This thing's super tough! I'm gonna hit it tons of times, so it comes crashing down!

Technology has advanced quite a bit. This is an impressive machine. Vi can knock it down, but we must be wary of its delayed missiles. Our formation will be crucial.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The B-33 part of its name is a numerical pun: the word "Bee", with "e"s replaced with "3"s.
  • Heavy Drone B-33 is one of three enemies that require multiple hits to become more vulnerable, the others being the Wasp Bomber and the Venus' Guardian while flying.
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