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Hawk is a moth who works in the Bee Kingdom Hive as Professor Honeycomb's assistant. He is also the husband of Muze, the father of Tod, and the son-in-law of Grandpa.


He is a moth who bears a lot of resemblance to a bee, which leads Vi to think he is one at first. Some noticeable differences are his fuzzy antennae, and small black dots on his wings, and the fact that his abdomen does not actually have a stinger on the end of it. He is very tall and wears a white lab coat and black sunglasses.


Hawk is first encountered during the festival at the Golden Settlement, alongside Professor Honeycomb. During the festival, Professor Honeycomb makes him upgrade Vi's Beemerang.

Hawk can later be encountered investigating the Lost Sands. He is found in two places. He can be found investigating the Heaven Key in the roach ruins south of the oasis in the Lost Sands. He is also found one room north of the Bandit Hideout entrance, noting that there is something hidden in the room that he is in. After obtaining the Tardigrade Shield and Heaven Key, Hawk will return to Prof. Honeycomb's lab in Bee Kingdom Hive.