Haunted Cloths are floating cloaks appearing in the Ancient Castle and in Giants' Lair as a regular enemy. They have different elemental variants depending on the area you encounter them in. In Ancient Castle, they use the ice variant, which is weak to Kabbu's horn attacks. In Giants' Lair, they use the fire variant, which loses it's wind attack but is now weak to Leif's ice attacks, deals more damage with it's attacks and has 3 more HP. Both variants are immune to Freeze.

In battle, Haunted Cloths can use three different attacks. In their more common attack, they wrap around a party member and drain their HP. This attack continues until either the Button Mash/Button Sequence Action Command is complete or the targeted bug is KO'd. Their other attack is to spin and tackle the team, hitting everyone. The rarest attack includes them sending a gust at the entire party and freezes them (Ice variant) which also needs button mashing action command to counter.

Because of their tendency to stand at the front of the enemy group, high HP and draining attack, it's recommended that you focus your attacks on them and use a higher damage skill or two. Since Kabbu's attacks deal 1 extra damage to them, you should keep him at the front and Turn Relay to him once each round.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary Running off the energy of ancient crystals, this being reacts to noise and movement.

It seeks to incapacitate scavengers and absorb their energy as backup energy reserve.

Vi "Get off! Get OFF me! Geez! This thing's got issues!

We can't let it get too close, so I'd best get smacking!"

Kabbu "It worries me how used I am becoming to abominations such as these...

It is strong, but we are stronger! Let's do this!"

Leif "This thing thirsts for energy. We can feel its desire for our magic.

But we're not eager to share. Time to bring it down."

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