Haunted Cloths are robotic constructs built by the Roaches. They have an ice and fire variant. Unlike other constructs, there is no sand variant.

The Haunted Cloth's energy drain attack will continue to damage the attacked team member until it is mashed through or until the team member is knocked out.

The ice variant is weak to Kabbu's attack.

Running off the energy of ancient crystals, this being reacts to noise and movement.
It seeks to incapacitate scavengers and absorb their energy as backup energy reserve.

It worries me how used I am becoming to abominations such as these...
It is strong, but we are stronger! Let's do this!

Get off! Get OFF me! Geez! This thing's got issues!
We can't let it get too close, so I'd best get smacking!

This thing thirsts for energy. We can feel its desire for our magic.
But we're not eager to share. Time to bring it down.

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