Hard Mode is a Medal. It can be obtained by talking to Artis at the Explorers' Association after Maki's tutorial.

Equipping it changes how battles work, mostly making them harder, as the name of the medal implies.

Defeating bosses in Hard Mode will have Artis reward you with a Special Medal, depending on what boss you defeat. However, this doesn't count for the refights, so if you miss it, you'll have to buy the medal from Caravan.

The balancing of the enemies and fights in Bug Fables is allegedly balanced around having the medal on, so taking it off would make the game easier than intended.

List of Changes in Hard ModeEdit

  • Most enemies have more HP, sometimes less. This will be shown with a secondary, bold number after the first.
  • Most enemies have more ATK. This will be shown with a secondary, bold number after the first.
  • Some enemies have more DEF. This will be shown with a secondary, bold number after the first.
  • Multi hit enemy attack hit more times.
  • Enemies' special abilities that don't use up their turn activate more often.
  • Some enemies get new attacks.
  • All enemies get +15% resistance to status effects.
  • Getting first hit by an enemy will cause each enemy to get a free attack instead of just the front one.
  • EXP from battles is increased by 16%, rounded up.
  • Item drops from battles are generally more rewarding, and more often.
  • Kabbu's main attack, Horn Slice, will only flip enemies upon a successful attack.

Medals Obtained From ArtisEdit

Icon Name After Defeating Caption
Quick flea icon
Quick Flea
Quick Flea Spider A favorite for those who know when to retreat. Makes fleeing a bit easier.
Break Mothiva and Zasp (Chapter 2) Grants Leif the "Break" skill, which reduces an enemy's defense for 2 turns.
Spiky Bod
Spiky Bod
Spiky Bod Venus' Guardian When blocking, Kabbu will damage enemies that touch him with his horn.
Life Stealer
Life Stealer
Life Stealer Monsieur Scarlet Reduces an ally's attack by 1, but their attacks will steal life from enemies.
Deep Taunt
Deep Taunt
Deep Taunt Ahoneynation Kabbu's taunt will now reduce enemies' defense by 1, but will boost their attack by 1.
Empower Heavy Drone B-33 Grant's Leif the "Empower" skill, which boosts an ally's attack for 2 turns.
Heavy Throw
Heavy Throw
Heavy Throw Kali Grants Vi the "Heavy Throw" skill, which can deal high damage to an enemy.
Triumph Buzz
Triumph Buzz
Triumph Buzz Astotheles After a successful battle, the party recovers 2 HP.
Hard Charge
Hard Charge
Hard Charge Dune Scorpion Allows the equipped bug to use the "Hard Charge" skill, which grants maximum charge in exchange for HP.
Enfeeble The Watcher Grants Leif the "Enfeeble" skill, which reduces an enemy's attack for 2 turns.
HP Plus
HP Plus
HP Plus Cenn and Pisci Increases an ally's HP by 2.
Block Heal
Block Heal
Block Heal Zommoth If the equipped ally performs a Super Block, they heal 1 HP
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