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Golden Settlement is the town area visited in Chapter 2.


The Golden Settlement is a village set in an eternally-autumn landscape at the base of the Golden Hills in the Bee Kingdom. An entrance to the Bee Kingdom's Power Plant can be found in the western portion of the settlement near the Aphid Farms. Multiple Ants including Fabri can be found working on the farms as other residents admire the Cochineals being raised in the pens. In the central part of the town is where the Golden Sunset Inn run by Sunny and several shops can be found, including the Golden Emporium run by Gein. The festival grounds for the Golden Festival is also located in the central part of town and is overseen by Acolyte Aria. Chef Kut runs a restaurant while Judie can be found selling Berry Juice nearby. In the eastern part of the Golden Settlement are several houses belonging to residents including Arie and Tanjerin. After the Golden Festival, a fortune teller moves in and opens up a shop outside the entrance to the Power Plant. Just outside of town is where the traveling caravan will set up shop during the Golden Festival. Eventually Yumnum moves in and sets up shop at the vacant stall. The Whack Farms is run by Claire and she offers prizes based on participants' high scores.





This a list of items available in this settlement. The shopkeeper of the Golden Emporium has a "sell" option, but will refuse to buy items when selected.

Golden Emporium

Item Price
Clear water icon.png
Clear Water
Hard seed icon.png
Hard Seed
Honey drop icon.png
Honey Drop
Aphid dew icon.png
Aphid Dew
Aphid egg icon.png
Aphid Egg


Item Price
Numbnail dart icon.png
Numbnail Dart
Sleep bomb icon.png
Sleep Bomb
Drowsy cake icon.png
Drowsy Cake


Item Price
Berry juice icon.png
Berry Juice


Item Location
Discovery #13 In the left side area of the Golden Settlement, talk to the Aphid farm keeper.
Discovery #14 Given during the main story when the Golden Festival starts.
Discovery #15 Observe the Venus statue from the balcony of Golden Settlement's Inn.
Heart berry icon.png
Heart Berry
Obtained from achieving a score above 25 while in the Whack-A-Worm minigame from Claire
Mothiva doll icon.png
Mothiva Doll
Found in the Sunset Inn on the first floor the Sunset Inn in the top-right corner, behind some grass.
Crystal berry icon.png
Crystal Berry
Inside the windmill on the west side of the settlement.
Dig spot surrounded by a cluster of rocks in the first room of Golden Settlement.
Dig spot inside the aphid and cochineal pen. Requires Kabbu's dig ability to get under the fence.
Talk to the fortune teller from behind using Kabbu's dig ability to get under the fence.