Golden Seedlings are a rare enemy that can spawn in place of a member of the seedling family. Each seedling-type enemy in a fight has a 1% chance of becoming a golden seedling on encounter (2.5% with Seedling Affinity equipped, 7.5%/18.75% in Seedling Haven).

Damage dealt to seedlings is divided by 10, rounded up. Multi-hit moves only deal damage once, excluding Needle Toss and Ice Rain.

After fleeing, any Golden Seedlings will remain Golden Seedlings on re-encounter until the room is left.

A Golden Seedling is guaranteed to drop a Tangy Berry after defeat.

The infamous Golden Seedling shows up in tales across generations despite its rarity. Said to bring the best of luck and wealth to those who find it, many have expended their time and savings hunting for them. Despite its appearance, it is nimble and powerful. One must take care when going for the prize!

INCREDIBLE! This is the Golden Seedling of LEGENDS! It brings fortune, health, and love if one can best it! It has unholy defenses...! Not even my piercing horn is getting through!I need to think of a way to prevent its escape while we whittle it down!

WOAH! A GOLDEN SEEDLING! Their Tangy Berries sell for DOZENS! Heheheh... We're gonna be rich! ...W-What!? What's this defense!? Only my first hit's working! We've gotta find a way to stop it from running!

So this is a Golden Seedling. Such inviting colors, and cute demeanor! We'll be blessed to capture and raise one. Hmm? It's resisting even our ice magic? So it's powerful, too...We must make sure it doesn't escape until it is subdued!

Enemies that the Golden Seedling can replace[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One of the early pre-release teasers showed that Golden Seedlings has 3 HP.
  • In version 1.0.3 and earlier, Vi's Needle Toss and Needle Pincer deal damage with each hit.
  • In version 1.0.2 and earlier, encountering more than 1 Golden Seedling and letting even one of them escape will prevent any items from dropping, regardless of how many of them you've killed.
  • Golden Seedlings will not flee if taunted by Kabbu's Taunt.
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