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The Golden Path Tunnel[1] is a cavern that connects Bugaria Outskirts, Golden Path, and the Forsaken Lands.


The place features muted colors, its vegetation being sparse. A single pipe can be seen in the first room, requiring Leif to freeze them to reach Golden Path.

Hidden behind one of the bushes is Tod's Dotted Ball, which is needed for the quest Lost Toy.

On the left is a road to Forsaken Lands, and on the right is the seemingly hidden room in which the miniboss Monsieur Scarlet can be fought, if Team Celia's quest Requesting Assistance has been accepted.



Item Location
Dotted ball icon.png
Dotted Ball
Found in the northeast corner, hidden by a bush and around a pillar.


  1. "Team Snakemouth, I shall wait for you in the Golden Path Tunnel. The old entrance to the Forsaken Lands is located there." —Queen Elizant II