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The Golden Hills is a location near Golden Settlement. It is a booming farmer area where it is said Goddess Venus lives.

This area is always in autumn, supposedly because of Venus' power. It is also politically part of the Bee Kingdom. As such, the Big Tree can be seen from this area.

The party comes here during the events of Chapter 2, after finishing the Golden Festival with Acolyte Aria's help.


The main area of Golden Hills is an autumn themed hillside area. The first room features three paths: The one in the west that is accessible at first, the one in the right that is above a wooden platform that requires a crank to work and the middle one in front of Venus' statue that requries a big crank instead. This path leads to a magenta-colored garden, where Venus and her guardian is encountered after the Sun Offering and the Moon Offering are placed in the small flytraps.

It features even more wooden platforms and cranks than Golden Path, which Vi's Beemerang Halt can interact with by spinning the cranks arounds and rotate or move the platforms. Like Snakemouth Den, there are a few water drops for Leif to freeze and move around. Several Seedlings also hovers in this area, serving as material for platforms. Also there are even more flytraps in the area, requiring the team to constantly jump while spinning the cranks so that they will not be trapped by them. Also, a new character, Venus' Bud, appears as both enemy and NPC in this area. Two of them guards one of the cranks and must be defeated,

After obtaining the Big Crank, Mothiva and Zasp make their first appearance as a team and trys to hijack the team's adventure, and are battled as a mini-boss.

Enemies in This Area


Item Location
Back support icon.png
Back Support
Found in the western area, behind a bush.


  • After finishing Chapter 2, the Golden Festival's theme can be heard when Team Snakemouth enters Venus' room again. She also has different dialogues when talked to.