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It's going to look wonderful in my room. Can't wait to tell my teammate!
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Genow is a bumblebee found in Defiant Root's market. He is the persona of one of Bug Fables' developers, Jose Fernando Gracia.

He is involved in the long line of trades in Vi's Request, trading his Root Cloth for the Ant Doll, obtained by trading with Ann. The Root Cloth can then be traded to a bee in the Golden Settlement.


Like most bumblebees, he has a lot of fur, which can be unbearable in the heat of Defiant Root. However, he wears a blue scarf too, so it doesn't seem like he minds the heat very much.


A notable trait is his affinity for souvenirs from other kingdoms, namely the Ant Kingdom. When he receives the Ant Doll from Team Snakemouth, he is excited to place it in his room and show it to his friend.