General Ultimax, or Fuff, is a Wasp who is the military leader of the Wasp Kingdom.

The team fight him twice - first in the Wasp Kingdom, where he stalls the team so that they won't realize that the Wasp King has tricked them too soon, second in the Rubber Prison, this time driving his ULTIMAX Tank. After the battle, he still tried to stop the explorers from progressing because of the Wasp King's mind control. Leif harmlessly freezes him before moving on.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Most of Ultimax' body is covered by his red and black military uniform. his head and limbs are colored brown, as opposed to most wasps' yellow.

Ultimax is very arrogant, boastful and loud, although he's suggested to be smarter than he lets on. His personality is likely influenced by the Wasp King's brain washing, as he meekly apologizes to the party during the epilogue ceremony and is on friendly terms with them afterwards.

Battle StatsEdit

General Ultimax himself is very weak, being only able to deal a small amount of damage every time on his own. In both of the fights including him, however, he doesn't start with this. Instead, he starts with a Wasp Driller and a Wasp Bomber in the 1st fight, where he will assist them before they are defeated by raising their stats and healing them (although he has a high chance to waste his turn laughing); in the 2nd fight, he starts inside his ULTIMAX Tank instead. The player should be able to take him out easily after he shows up anyways. Having said that, his damage is increased by Hard Hits and Hardest Mode, in which case he can easily KO a weaken character.

In the first fight, you should focus fire other wasps first, then take out Ultimax. Make a sure to use defense piercing attacks. While Icefall hits all enemies with a chance to Freeze, it won't deal much damage without several damage increases on Leif. Frost Bowling is very useful here, if you have it - on Hard Mode, it can take out the Wasp Bomber in 2 uses with a single damage increase, or 1 use with 3, while dealing a lot of damage to the Wasp Driller with a chance to Freeze him. Alternatively, give Kabbu a damage increase, put him in the front line and Under Strike the two front Wasp twice in one turn for 12 to both of them..

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary A master of machinations and delegation, he is responsible for leading the Wasp King's missions. While physically inept and a coward, he still commands the respect of his troops. Most likely due to fear of the Wasp King. Also, his actual name is Fuff.
Vi "Grr! We don't have time for this! We've gotta get to the Wasp King! For a general, this guy's really weak... I'll beat up everyone else first!"
Kabbu "So you're the one who led the charge on the Ant Kingdom... I cannot forgive you! He seems to rely heavily on his troops. Let's clear them out first and deliver justice!"
Leif "Don't think you'll get away with bringing harm to those in our city. Big mistake. We'll beat you up nice and slow, after we deal with your pathetic lackeys."

Trivia Edit

  • General Ultimax seems to be actually still conscious under Wasp King's control, rather than being brainwashed, as seen when he is defeated in Chapter 6.
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