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That's no fun, is it? Come back later, little fries. I'll be here when your stomach cries out! Ahahaha!
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Fry is the chef in Ant Kingdom City. The trio can cook food with him. He is the first chef found in the game, followed by Kut and Crisbee. His exclusive dish is the Queen's Dinner, one of the most powerful items in the game, recovering 15 HP and TP to the party as well as curing any status effects, which can be unlocked by doing the quest A Smiling Dish.


Fry is a muscular fly with a blue hat and a purple vest. He has red eyes and a pair of white wings. He also has a wooden spoon made of a stick in his hand.


Fry is quite an experienced chef and is often proud of his outcome, and views cooking for others as fun.

Overworld Spy

Vi: "This is Fry, the fly! Most chefs live in the royal castle, but he chose to work here. Though I don't get it. He could make more profit at the castle."

Kabbu: "He probably just wants to see his fellow, common bug smile."

Leif: "There has to be more to it than that..."

Vi: "What matters is I'm really hungry. Let's get him to cook for us!

Leif: "We could go for a Mushroom Salad."

Kabbu: "Hmm, a Cooked Shroom would do me good."

Vi: " What's with you and shrooms? Aphid Omelette all the way!"

Kabbu: "Let's make sure we have the proper ingredients, first."


  • Fry appears in the earliest demo of the game, and his quote in that version is already nearly the same as in the final version.
  • He quit being the royal chef so that everybody in the Ant Kingdom could taste his dishes.[1]


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