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Forsaken Lands is an area south of Bugaria Outskirts. It is a foggy area filled with industrial architectures and giant objects like pencil and rubber. The Termite Kingdom is built in it. It is the first area the team travels in Chapter 6.


A grey, foggy cliffy area, with numerous giant objects and pipes. Patton's hut is found at the start of the area. Unlike other parts of the game, this area has a special layout, that unless following a certain path, Team Snakemouth will find themselves looping between rooms or in the same room until they find the right exit, though a shortcut from Termite Kingdom to the room with crossed roads and disks can be made by walking left from the room with the Primal Weevil. A 'mark' can be found at the said exits.

An ancient city where the Bounty False Monarch lives can be found after going left at the room with cracked rocks and pipes and continue going left in the next room.

There is a room with a few pumpkins in the area, and some of them are actually disguises of Plumplings. South of this room is a very foggy area where some part of this area is too foggy for the team to travel and they will get lost and be teleported back to the entrance if they enter those places. This area can be navigated through the 'Best friend in the fog' Quest, and end of this area contains a room with a hole.

Placing any items near the hole will cause a female spider to appear and take it away, giving out a few berries in exchange. When done for the first time, she will also give you a Crystal Berry. This room can be later accessed again by talking to one of the termites in Termite Kingdom.





  • When this area was first revealed in the v0.6 roundup teaser, it had a different, probably incomplete theme. In the v0.8 one, the music is fixed, but the theme inside the Termite Kingdom is still different.