Flowerling is a flying Seedling type enemy encountered in the Far Wildlands. They primarily support other enemies, attacking only when they remain alone. Like other plant enemies, they're weak to Leif's Ice.

Flowerlings can increase other enemies attack by 1 for 1 turn. They can also heal them. They will only heal enemies if they have a significant (~5) amount of HP missing. If they are alone, Flowerlings will attack by tackling a single bug for very low damage.

Their HP is high enough that it's problematic to take them out quickly. Either use Icefall to Freeze them while also damaging other enemies, or quickly take out the others before taking out the Flowerling with normal attacks.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary These flying Seedlings embody friendship, co-dependence, and cute things. Completely awful at fighting, they've struck a deal with the local creatures: in exchange for support, it will be protected. As an unexpected side effect, creatures fight each other to become its partner.
Vi "I wonder how many Seedling types there are... This one's really weak! Guess it needs others to fight its battles...Kabbu said to focus it, but I'd rather leave it for last. Hmm..."
Kabbu "Curse you, adorable yet levitating foe! Must you hover so insultingly close to my horn's range!? It supports its allies in many ways... It may be worth asking Vi to eliminate it first!"
Leif "What a cute little Seedling. It'd fit right in along with the rest of our team, wouldn't it? Seems it doesn't want to join us, though... Guess we'd best knock it down gently to stop its supporting moves."

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