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Fishing Village is a small settlement in Far Grasslands that is accessible after finishing Chapter 5. It is also facing the Metal Lake and serves as a pier. Riz and Rizza and their father live there, as well as a Stickbug. Riz guards the entrance to the village and must be defeated in order to enter the village.


A quiet village set at the edge of Far Grasslands. It doesn't have resting spots, but it does have a Save Crystal. If it has been unlocked, Team Snakemouth can use their submarine to travel to Metal Lake here. There is a Stickbug located amongst the other twigs that offers a medal when found.


Item Location
Discovery #35 Enter the Fishing Village.
Heal plus icon.png
Heal Plus
Talk to a Stickbug in the Fishing Village.
Crystal berry icon.png
Crystal Berry
Complete the quest Sweets From Outside!.
Lore book icon.png
Lore Book
Hidden behind the plant between the Save

Crystal and the entrance to Far Grasslands.


  • Before 1.1 patch, the residents here were called 'dragonflies' in the game description, but they are actually Damselflies. They are still referred as dragonflies in the game files.
  • Visiting the Fishing Village without fighting Riz previously changes the dialogue slightly, as his family will react with fear until he's fought on the opposite entrance. Riz will also assume Team Snakemouth has poached the village before the fight if approached through this method.
  • It is unknown if their mother had passed away or left the village.