Field Skills are actions that can be performed by the party out of battle that affect how they traverse the envirioment. The party must learn new skills as they progress through the game to reach new areas. Skills can be performed by pressing the CANCEL button on the field.

Some field skills can stun enemies outside of battle for a few moments. Approaching a stunned enemy and starting the battle will grant an extra action to the current party leader.

Field skills can also trigger Ancient Crystals, allowing the party to save the game.

This is a list of all field skills in the demo:

Bee's SkillsEdit

Skill Function Unlocked At
Beemerang Toss Used to hit far away switches or retrieve out of reach items. Press CANCEL once. After checking the bridge in the first room of Snakemouth Den.

Beetle's SkillsEdit

Skill Function Unlocked At
Horn Strike Can be used to cut some grass bushes, hit switches, push some rocks or frozen blocks. Press CANCEL once. When near an object which can be interacted with, a green ! will appear on top of the leader's head. After helping Chuck on Snakemouth Way.

Moth's SkillsEdit

Skill Function Unlocked At
Freeze Using this skill on enemies or dropplets will freeze them, allowing Beetle to push them with the Horn Strike. Frozen blocks can be used as platforms or to hold down certain switches. Press CANCEL once. Frozen enemies cannot be stunned. As soon as Moth can be used in battle.