Bug Fables Wiki

Field Skills are actions that can be performed by the party out of battle that can affect how they traverse the environment. Skills can be performed by tapping, holding, or double tapping the CANCEL button.

Some field skills can stun enemies outside of battle for a few moments. Approaching a stunned enemy and starting the battle will grant an extra action to the current party leader.

Vi's Skills
Name and Description Location
Beemerang Toss

Press CANCEL once to toss the Beemerang, to hit far away targets and retrieve items!

Starting Skill
Beemerang Halt

Press CANCEL once to toss then hold CANCEL to hold the Beemerang in place to spin things around!

Complete the Whack-a-Worm mini-game during the Golden Festival in Chapter 2.
Bee Fly

Hold CANCEL to fly for a short time, allowing you to cross large gaps!

Approach the broken bridge in the Forsaken Lands while Queen Elizant II is in the party.
Kabbu's Skills
Name and Description Location
Horn Slash

Press CANCEL to hit stuff with your horn, it can cut bushes and push stuff! Objects that can be hit will show a ! atop the party leader's head.

Starting Skill
Horn Dash

Tap CANCEL twice to dash forward, a strong move which can break some objects!
CANCEL can be held to continuously dash. Can break piles of rocks after being upgraded in the Wild Swamplands.

Approach the entrance to Lost Sands during Chapter 3.

Upgraded after observing a pile of rocks in the Wild Swamplands after falling from a bridge in Chapter 5.

Beetle Dig

Hold CANCEL to dig underground, so you can go under some objects, hide from enemies, and unearth hidden items!

Observe the cell bars in the Bandit Hideout.
Leif's Skills
Name and Description Location

Press CANCEL to create an ice explosion, in front of the party, which can freeze enemies and liquids!

Starting Skill

Hold CANCEL to create a shield around the party, allowing you to walk on hazardous terrain and deflect enemy attacks!

Activate the electrified platforms in the Honey Factory.

Tap CANCEL twice to create an icicle which falls vertically. It can create platforms on water to stand on!

Defeat the ambush in Upper Snakemouth.