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Far Grasslands is an area connected to many places in the game. The team travels through this place during Chapter 5.


A natural area covered by tall grass with many stronger enemies roaming in this place.

To the north is the Wasp Kingdom, but its entrance is not directly open until the game is cleared. Northeast of the area is the entrance to Wild Swamplands, as well as a river which can be crossed after learning Horn Dash and Icicle or Bee Fly to directly travel to Wasp Kingdom. The Southeast path leads to the Fishing Village. The Ant Mines in the west leads to three places: The Golden Settlement's Power Plant on the west, The Wasp Kingdom and the main area, with the first two paths locked and required to be opened from another side first. South of the main area path leads to the Wizard's Tower.


Wizard's Tower

South of the Far Grassland's Ant Mines exit is The Wizard's Tower, where a capsule machine containing Longleg Summoners can be found. There's also a bad book here for Reeves' quest.

Fishing Village

Main article: Fishing Village

Fishing Village is a small residential area in Far Grasslands that is accessible after finishing Chapter 5. Riz, Rizza, and their father live there.


Item Location
Discovery #34 Enter the Far Grasslands.
Discovery #35 Enter the Fishing Village.
Discovery #36 Enter the Wizard's Tower.
Lore book icon.png
Lore Book
Found in the Far Grasslands, in the room with the lake (near the entrance of Wasp Kingdom), around the lake.
Heal plus icon.png
Heal Plus
Talk to a Stickbug in the Fishing Village.
Crystal berry icon.png
Crystal Berry
Dig spot in the entrance area, immediately left of the gate.
One screen left of the entrance area. Sitting at the top of a log in the bottom left corner.
Found in the Fishing Village, complete the quest Sweets From Outside!.




  • During Chapter 3's event, the Wasps attack the Power Plant through the tunnel that later happens to be the Ant Mines passage, and encounter the Broodmother. The sabotage causes the Code 32 incident.