The False Monarch is a boss for one of the Bounties. It resides in the Ancient City and is composed of Mothflies. He has purple clothes with a face on the back, he also has a mask with a smile and Odd antenna with a crown on his head.

Battle Edit

Fale Monarch can attack using the Mothflies in his costume. Hurting him will cause the distressed Mothflies to show themselves. Putting him to sleep shows the Mothflies sleeping and his head hanging.

Spy LogEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary Comprised entirely of the most intelligent Mothflies banding together, this creepy being stands as ruler of a land everyone's already deserted. When defeated, the Mothflies disbanded, leaving the city truly abandoned once more. Regrettably, there was not enough time to conduct an investigation on the Mothflies' speech patterns and social hierarchy.
Vi "Y-You can't scare me! You're just a bunch of Mothflies under a coat! It's charging up! Leif, we've gotta block it!"
Kabbu "Your collective's days of luring weary travelers to this town end right now! Stay sharp, Leif. We may need your defensive skills!"
Leif "It seems these critters are under a royal delusion. Enough to grow quite powerful. We must save some TP if we're to endure its strongest moves."


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