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The False Monarch is a boss for one of the Bounties. It resides in the Ancient City and is composed of Mothflies, much like the rest of the abandoned settlement's new denizens. The Mothflies appear to use the town and their disguises to lure adventurers into a false sense of security, but the real nature of Mothfly society is unknown given their impossible-to-understand language. Upon defeat, they drop the Crystal Crown.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Comprised entirely of the most intelligent Mothflies banding together, this creepy being stands as ruler of a land everyone's already deserted. When defeated, the Mothflies disbanded, leaving the city truly abandoned once more. Regrettably, there was not enough time to conduct an investigation on the Mothflies' speech patterns and social hierarchy.
Kabbu Your collective's days of luring weary travelers to this town end right now! Stay sharp, Leif. We may need your defensive skills!
Vi Y-You can't scare me! You're just a bunch of Mothflies under a coat! It's charging up! Leif, we've gotta block it!
Leif It seems these critters are under a royal delusion. Enough to grow quite powerful. We must save some TP if we're to endure its strongest moves.

Battle Information

The False Monarch attacks primarily using the Mothflies in his costume, either approaching a single party member to swarm them or sending them to tackle party members for multi-hit damage (with occasional purple Mothflies inflicting Poison if not blocked). Otherwise, it may fling its crown at an opponent for surprisingly high damage.

Similar to Mothfly Clusters, the False Monarch can also deploy lesser Mothflies to fight alongside it (compensating for their lesser-than-usual 4 health with a permanent Defense boost), which may rejoin the Monarch's collective to heal it.

When pressured, it may Charge itself for a turn before unleashing a massive swarm of Mothflies on the entire party that must be mitigated with a button-mash command. Even guarded, this attack deals massive damage. If lacking the means to quickly finish the Monarch, it is best to keep a large enough stock of TP to protect the party via Leif's Bubble Shield.

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