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Factory Pass is a Key Item in Bug Fables. It is a bright yellow card with the Bee Kingdom Crest on it.


The first pass must be used to open the entrance to the Honey Production Area in the Honey Factory hub.

The next three passes must be used to open the leftmost door of the Honey Production Area, leading to Malbee.

The final pass must be used to open the entrance to the northern room in Honey Storage, leading to the Overseer.

How to Acquire

1. The first pass is on top of a shelf in the Overseer's Office. After climbing, the pass is reachable by throwing Vi's Beemerang in its direction.

2. The second pass is in a room in the top left corner where the locked door is found. After saving Gen and Eri from a duo of Bee-Boops, a platforming puzzle must be completed to reach it.

3. The third pass is in a room in the upper half of the top right corner where the locked door is found. First, a crank can be turned, then a switch on the left pressed, revealing a second crank. The second crank can be turned to open the path on the right, beyond an electrified floor, where the pass is held.

4. The fourth pass is found in a room in the upper half of the left side above the locked door. First, an ice block can be used to reach a second drop to create a second ice block. Both then can be used to depress a duo of buttons, granting access to the upper half of the room. Here, an earlier ice drop can be refrozen, breaking one of the ice blocks and opening the door blocking the pass.

5. The fifth pass is given by Zasp in the southern room in Honey Storage after rescuing him and Mothiva from the Ahoneynation.

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