Eetl is a minor character that appears in Bug Fables. He works in the Explorers' Association, granting permits to up-and-coming explorers. He's in charge of the paperwork for the quest board and, and in Medal Mode he says he can rank up the team by doing some paperwork. If the player completes every quest in the game and talks to him afterward he will shout "RUIGEE". he says Artis told him to give that Menu Code to explorers of the month. in Medal Mode he'll say that something is wrong and that you're still rank 1, and without ranking up you wont be able to expand your item pouch or gain new skills. He says that he can't lift the curse but he can rank you up with some paperwork, and berries. He also has a friend

Chapter 1 Edit

Eetl refuses to grant Vi an Explorer Permit, because he thinks she is a child, and cannot handle exploring. Though he is not prejudice because she is a Bee and Bees never been explorers before. In fact he cares about bug's safety and doesn't want her to go alone. Still, even after Maki's test he is hesitant to give Kabbu and Vi their Permits.

When the team comes back, he, Gen, and Eri can be seen outside the Association. Eetl is Crying, afraid the Team will never come back. When they do he doesn't believe they got the Artifact, or even got into snakemouth. After the team introduces Leif, a survivor, and shows him the mask, he is surprised they pulled it off.

Chapter 5 Edit

Eetl is seen in shock at the Association, where all the bugs Evacuated from the Wasp Attack.

Trivia Edit

  • "RUIGEE" is likely a reference to "Luigi" and Luigi's Challenge, where you gain no EXP, but you can equip lots of Badges
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