This page serves as a guide for how to edit on the Bug Fables Wiki. Please familiarize yourself with this article before making any edits.

Basic Rules

  • Use the Source Editor when editing pages, it is by far the most precise way to edit. The Visual Editor, on the other hand, should only be used for small tweaks, if at all.
  • Add links to only the first instance of a topic in an article.
  • If you disagree with the edits of another editor, discuss it on their wall, or communicate on the Bug Fables Discord. Please do not engage in edit warring, and resolve disputes with a proper discussion.
  • If an editor is working on a task on the To-Do list, and you wish to help them, contact them instead of overwriting their work.
  • Ask the admins if you have any questions about editing.


Generally, stick to the formatting of each type of page. The wiki should feel cohesive, not a jumble of too many different styles. If you wish to suggest a change, show the admins a preview on the Bug Fables Discord, where it may be accepted.


Bug Fables uses American English, and as such, the Bug Fables Wiki also uses American English.

How to Write Neutrally

All pages across the Wiki should use formal, impersonal language.

Here are examples of words to avoid:

  • "you", "we", and other 2nd person pronouns.
  • "probably"
  • "clearly"
  • "really", "truly", "very"
  • "like"

Be forward and direct. Do not use terms that imply unsureness or subjective vocabulary.

Examples of such include:

  • "try to"
  • "fitting"
  • "almost"
  • "seems"
  • "possibly"


Avoid using the same words and phrases multiple times in a short period. Either choose new ones or restructure the sentence as to not reuse any. This does not mean that using a word or phrase more than once is forbidden.


  • Do not use the term "the player". Rewrite the sentence to use "Team Snakemouth" instead.
  • In-game descriptions of items and medals must be italicized.
  • HP, TP, MP, ATK, and DEF are all capitalized, no "Hp" or "Atk" allowed.
  • Use cardinal directions (north, west, south, east) instead of up, left, down, and right when describing where something is located.


Always write in present tense. The only exception is when an event must be mentioned but occurred earlier in time relative to the current topic.

What Counts As Trivia

Trivia is specific information about a topic that does not fit into any section of the topic's page. It can be about the topic's development history, or inspiration the developers took from elsewhere. It cannot be general information, inspiration that has not been confirmed by the developers, coincidences, or fan theories. Trivia sections should always be added to the bottom of the page, above a References section.

How to Cite References

If an article has no references but you would like to cite one, create a References section at the bottom of the page. If there are 5 or less references, simply use <references/>. However, if there are 6 or more references, use {{Refs}} instead, to save space on the page.

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