Dune Scorpion is a mini-boss of Chapter 4. The team encounter it on their way to the Ancient Castle. The beast is seemingly dead after the battle, but stings Leif when the team let their guard down. It's finally finished off by Zasp.

Dune Scorpion is accompanied by one Psicorp when fought.

This rabid beast is the nightmare of all denizens of the desert. It strikes without reason, without mercy... It only wishes to cause violence. Its stinger holds multiple poisons, and its strength is massive. Upon sighting, do not fight - flee!

Oof! I barely dodged that... It's hard to speak when being assailed so violently! And yet, it is my duty to draw its attacks in. Vi, Leif, let's do this together!

Watch out! ...Phew. Kabbu almost got wrecked! This thing's way angrier than a Piscorp! We've got to knock it out!

Impressive. Even though our ice pierces it, it barely reacts. This is bad. We'll have to use all our strength, to make sure it goes down and stays down!

Trivia.[edit | edit source]

  • During the cutscene when Leif is hurt by the scorpion, there are several hints of the story in Upper Snakemouth, such as the white growth inside Leif's body and the cutscene with several vague conversations about lab experiments.
  • In B.O.S.S., the battle starts without the Psicorp.
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