Drowsy Cake is an Item in Bug Fables. It restores 7 HP to an ally, puts them to sleep, and restores 7 TP to the party.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Result Recipe
Drowsy cake icon.png
Drowsy Cake
Bag of flour icon.png Bag of Flour + Numbnail dart icon.png Numbnail Dart
Sleep bomb icon.png
Sleep Bomb
Spicy bomb icon.png Spicy Bomb + Drowsy cake icon.png Drowsy Cake
Burly bomb icon.png Burly Bomb + Drowsy cake icon.png Drowsy Cake
Agaric shroom icon.png Agaric Shroom Aphid dew icon.png Aphid Dew Aphid egg icon.png Aphid Egg Bag of flour icon.png Bag of Flour Burly berry icon.png Burly Berry
Clear water icon.png Clear Water Crunchy leaf icon.png Crunchy Leaf Danger shroom icon.png Danger Shroom Danger spud icon.png Danger Spud Dark cherries icon.png Dark Cherries
Flame rock icon.png Flame Rock Hard seed icon.png Hard Seed Honey drop icon.png Honey Drop Hustle berry icon.png Hustle Berry Jayde's stew icon.png Jayde's Stew
Longleg summoner icon.png Longleg Summoner Magic ice icon.png Magic Ice Magic seed icon.png Magic Seed Mega rush icon.png Mega-Rush™ Mite burger icon.png Mite Burger
Mushroom icon.png Mushroom Mystery berry icon.png Mystery Berry Numbnail dart icon.png Numbnail Dart Poison dart icon.png Poison Dart Shell ointment icon.png Shell Ointment
Shock berry icon.png Shock Berry Spicy berry icon.png Spicy Berry Squash icon.png Squash Succulent berry icon.png Succulent Berry Tangy berry icon.png Tangy Berry
Abomihoney (item).png Abomihoney Abombination icon.png Abombination Aphid shake icon.png Aphid Shake Baked yam icon.png Baked Yam Berry jam icon.png Berry Jam
Berry juice icon.png Berry Juice Berry smoothie icon.png Berry Smoothie Big mistake icon.png Big Mistake Burly bomb icon.png Burly Bomb Burly candy icon.png Burly Candy
Burly chips icon.png Burly Chips Burly tea icon.png Burly Tea Cherry bombs icon.png Cherry Bombs Cherry pie icon.png Cherry Pie Clear bomb icon.png Clear Bomb
Cold salad icon.png Cold Salad Cooked danger icon.png Cooked Danger Cooked shroom icon.png Cooked Shroom Crisbee donut icon.png Crisbee Donut Danger dish icon.png Danger Dish
Drowsy cake icon.png Drowsy Cake Dry bread icon.png Dry Bread Fried egg icon.png Fried Egg Frost bomb icon.png Frost Bomb Frost pie icon.png Frost Pie
Glazed honey icon.png Glazed Honey Hearty breakfast icon.png Hearty Breakfast Honey'd leaf icon.png Honey'd Leaf Honey ice cream icon.png Honey Ice Cream Honey pancakes icon.png Honey Pancakes
Hot drink icon.png Hot Drink Hustle candy icon.png Hustle Candy Ice cream icon.png Ice Cream Leaf croissant icon.png Leaf Croissant Leaf omelet icon.png Leaf Omelet
Leaf salad icon.png Leaf Salad Miracle shake icon.png Miracle Shake Mistake icon.png Mistake Mushroom gummies icon.png Mushroom Gummies Mushroom salad icon.png Mushroom Salad
Mushroom skewer icon.png Mushroom Skewer Numb bomb icon.png Numb Bomb Nutty cake icon.png Nutty Cake Plain tea icon.png Plain Tea Plumpling pie icon.png Plumpling Pie
Poison bomb icon.png Poison Bomb Poison cake icon.png Poison Cake Queen's dinner icon.png Queen's Dinner Roasted berries icon.png Roasted Berries Shaved ice icon.png Shaved Ice
Shock candy icon.png Shock Candy Sleep bomb icon.png Sleep Bomb Spicy bomb icon.png Spicy Bomb Spicy candy icon.png Spicy Candy Spicy fries icon.png Spicy Fries
Spicy tea icon.png Spicy Tea Squash candy icon.png Squash Candy Squash puree icon.png Squash Puree Squash tart icon.png Squash Tart Succulent cookies icon.png Succulent Cookies
Succulent platter icon.png Succulent Platter Sweet danger icon.png Sweet Danger Sweet dew icon.png Sweet Dew Sweet pudding icon.png Sweet Pudding Sweet shroom icon.png Sweet Shroom
Tangy carpaccio icon.png Tangy Carpaccio Tangy jam icon.png Tangy Jam Tangy juice icon.png Tangy Juice Tangy pie icon.png Tangy Pie Yam bread icon.png Yam Bread
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