Diving Spiders are enemies found in Stream Mountain or paired with Water Striders in the Metal Lake. They're also summoned by the Peacock Spider.

They attack by spitting multiple bubbles, targeting a random bug each time. The bubbles have a roughly equal chance to be either water or poison, which poison the targeted bug on a failed block. They can also spit bubble at two different trajectories, varying the block timing.

After attacking, they have a chance to put up a bubble shield around them, making them immune to all attacks for 1 turn. However, Leif's Cleanse can remove the shield immediately.

This underwater bug can take in oxygen using a special bubble. Even so, it surfaces from time to time. It can deploy poisonous or high-pressure bubbles to protect itself while scouting. Although attempts have been made to pop its bubble, it doesn't seem to be possible.

I've never seen anything quite like this! A bug that can breathe underwater! My...my horn can't pierce its water shield!? We'll have to await our chance...

An air bubble? Bleh. Why would anyone wanna live underwater!? Ugh, and that shield's bouncing everything off! I hate having to wait!

What a curious evolution. Hmm. Perhaps we could use the Bubble Shield to dive as well? It uses its bubble to avoid attacks for a turn as well. Let's prepare to strike back.

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