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Discoveries icon.png

Discoveries are special locations that Team Snakemouth can interact with to obtain unique observations and learn more about Bugaria. Libren rewards the team for finding and reporting discovery data to her.

# Icon Name and Description Location
01 Snakemouth den icon.png Snakemouth Den

A cavern found at the edges of the Ant Kingdom, and the source of the river that cuts through Bugaria's outskirts.
Many explorers have tried their luck in trying to retrieve artifacts from the rumored ancient tribe that in inhabited this place, but few ever came back.
Still, this does not stop the Ant Queen from sending explorers to try and find the so fabled riches deep within.
They say that those who are consumed by the mouth of the snake become its eternal slaves, and still wander within to this day.

Enter Snakemouth Den.
02 Snakemouth depths icon.png Snakemouth Depths

The underground area of Snakemouth Den has been completely consumed by fungi.
The remains of explorers and ancient bugs roam this place, like puppets controlled by their alien hosts.
And yet, the desire for riches keeps bringing explorers back...

Save Leif
03 Explorer's message icon.png Explorer's Message

"We have already lost one of ours to this wretched place..."
Lost to what? How did it happen? The omnious letter left behind for future explorers raises more questions than it answers.
But one thing is for sure — It is not a prank, not meant to be taken lightly. All who read it and proceed have been rightfully warned.

Observe the leaf sign at the end of Snakemouth Den's first room, behind some bushes.
04 The roaches' village icon.png The Roaches' Village?

Supposedly, the now missing Roaches lived in Snakemouth Den's underground. But with all the flooding and monsters it's difficult to imagine settling down there.
Did some horrible disaster strike them? What could be the reason for the state of these structures?

Observe the roach statue at the beginning of Snakemouth Depth's large door room.
05 Inn foremothers icon.png Inn Foremothers

These ants were the very first staff of the Ant Kingdom inn. They smile upon the current generation everyday!
Back then the town was mostly ants, so the inn served as housing for important political guests.

Observe the painting on the first floor of the Ant Kingdom's Inn.
06 The settler statue icon.png The Settler Statue

This ant's clumsiness led to the discovery of the land that would become the Ant Kingdom.
It also serves as a testament to the late Queen's humbleness, and her care for the people.

Observe the ant statue in the Ant Kingdom's main plaza.
07 The ants icon.png The Ants

The current ruler of the Ant Kingdom, Queen Elizant II.
The ants were one of the first to settle in the location that would become Bugaria, and as such their kingdom is one of the most powerful.
Controlling most of the economy and territories of south Bugaria, the current Queen closed relationships with Termites and wasps without any given explanation, something that tarnished her mother's peaceful legacy.
She also banned ladybugs from living in the capital after a huge scandal.
This coupled with her strictness has caused many to dislike her, and some say an underground meeting point to discuss her has been created.

In Queen Elizant II's throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Ant Queen.
08 The bees icon.png The Bees

The current ruler of the Bee Kingdom, Queen Bianca.
The bees settled in Bugaria shortly after the ants did, building their Hive at the tallest spot of the land, watching over the world from above.
One of the youngest queens, Bianca has ruled the Bee Kingdom for a short time, but her focus on technological advancement and views towards art led her to become one of the most popular rulers of the kingdom's history.
Because of her civil disposition, her and Elizant II stand on very friendly terms.
She often advises her when her opinion is asked.

In Queen Elizant II's throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Bee Queen.
09 The termites icon.png The Termites

The royal couple who currently rule the Termite Kingdom, King Hector IV and Queen Layra II.
The Termites are an isolationist society that values military strength above all else.
Their Kingdom being encased in a giant, closed-off dome only adds to their secludedness.
The relationship between the Termites and Ants was always rocky, but Elizant I managed to maintain contact with them and establish various trading routes and markets between their Kingdoms.
Elizant II failed to maintain this relationship due to her inexperience, causing the Termites to shun the Ants once more and banning them from the Capitol.

In Queen Elizant II's throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Termite King & Queen. Available after chapter 5.
10 The wasps icon.png The Wasps

The usurped ruler of the Wasp Kingdom, Queen Vanessa.
The Wasps were always aggressive isolationists, commandeering the northern borders of Bugaria for themselves and battling for control with the Bee Kingdom in a war that lasted many moons.
The Wasps finally settled down when Elizant I intervened and managed to form a truce with them.
However, Elizant II's inexperience made the bad blood between Ants and Wasps resurface.
Vanessa has ruled with attempts to tame her kind so they may live peacefully with the other citizens of Bugaria, which made her the most controversial Wasp Queen to date.
Even so, her efforts were going well before the Wasp King somehow seized power.

In Queen Elizant II's throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Wasp Queen. Available after chapter 5.
11 Queen elizant i icon.png Queen Elizant I

Elizant I was the first of the Queens to settle in the land that would eventually become Bugaria.
Known for her strong will, she attracted bugs from all over the lands beyond Bugaria's borders to come here.
Not much is known about her past, besides the fact she came from a very far away to build her kingdom, and the feat of having convinced Wasps and Termites to have a truce was something no one had ever seen before.
She always wore a mask, concealing her face. Some rumoured she had battle scars from convincing other bugkinds to become part of the kingdom, or that she just didn't liked having her visage seen by others.
This became tradition, and now Elizant II wears a mask as well.

Observe the painting of Queen Elizant I in the Anthill Palace Library.
12 The anthill palace icon.png The Anthill Palace

A testament to the Ants' hard work and diligence, the castle stands at the center of the Ant Kingdom.
It was later discovered to have been built over an Ancient Crystal reserve, which kickstarted construction of the Ant Mines.
Although some say Elizant knew of this all along...

In the area immediately outside of the Anthill Palace, talk to the bug at the front end of the bridge.
13 Aphids and cochineals icon.png Aphids and Cochineals

Simply adorable, these are one of the main sources of export for the Golden Settlement.
Aphids provide the region with nutritious eggs, enjoyed by many bugs.
Wooly Aphids provide wool used for many accessories and decorations.
Finally, Conchineals produce a bright dye which is used for many purposes, usually alongside wool.
These cute critters, in everyone's heart, are quite important to the economy!

In the left side area of the Golden Settlement, talk to the Aphid farm keeper.
14 The golden festival icon.png The Golden Festival

When the flowers bloom and the harvest begins, the Golden Festival is sure to be celebrated.
Bugs from all over Bugaria congregate to enjoy the festivities, and they offer that joy to the Goddess Venus.
Traditionally, the Sun and Moon Offerings are given to the serving acolyte. Then, a special ceremony is performed.
Afterwards, the offerings must be brought to the top of the Golden Hills, where the Goddess recieves them happily.
Despite these well-documented traditions, few are the bugs that have been allowed upon that holy summit.

Given during the main story when the Golden Festival starts.
15 The goddess' statue icon.png The Goddess' Statue

A statue built to honor the Harvest Goddess, Venus.
It has watched over the Golden Settlement since time immemorial, reminding the citizens of the ever present Goddess who grants them a bountiful harvest without fail.

Observe the Venus statue from the balcony of Golden Settlement's Inn.
16 Honored employee icon.png Honored Employee

This portrait holds the Honey Factory's most accomplished employee of the month.
The Bee Kingdom has a hall of fame for all these awards, but it's not open to the public.

In the Honey Factory, observe the portrait of the overseer in her office.
17 Sand castle mural icon.png Sand Castle Mural

A depiction of the Everlasting Sapling and the Ancient Artifacts. Its text was too faded to be read.
This ancient mural must've been built by Roaches, given the structure dates back to before Bugaria was established.
Were they seeking it as well, or did they worship it?

Observe the Ancient Castle's mural on the second floor.
18 Snakemouth's lab icon.png Snakemouth's Lab

This cruel establishment remained hidden from Bugaria for many moons.
Unethical experiments on bugs were conducted here, in the search of immortality.

Enter Upper Snakemouth.
19 Healing sophie icon.png Healing Sophie

Tea brewed with this flower's petals can cure any illness, but no doctors can explain why.
Elizant I once fell gravely sick, and a nomad offered tea made from a petal with his best wishes.
The Queen miraculously recovered, but no one saw the nomad nor the petal ever again.

Enter the area above Snakemouth Den.
20 Seedling haven icon.png Seedling Haven

Seedlings bloom absurdly fast in this soil, and leave to explore the Bugarian Outskirts.
The Seedling King's footsteps enrich the soil, allowing this process.

Defeat the Seedling King.
21 Underground tavern icon.png Underground Tavern

Those who disagree with Elizant II's stances come here to air their grievances.
Elizant I braved the Dead Lands, riddled with those creatures, to ensure our peace.
Shady item trades and expensive bets are common amongst the regulars.
Doppel, the bartender, is an exiled Ladybug planning on a peaceful protest to reverse the Ladybug exile.
He hopes his disguise as a Beetle holds up until then.

Enter the Underground Tavern.
22 The ant mines icon.png The Ant Mines

Elizant II ordered the construction of these tunnels to connect all the Kingdoms.
Although right now it's only for explorers, a civilian version may be opened in the future.

Enter the Ant Mines.
23 Chomper cavern icon.png Chomper Cavern

Mother Chompers are exceptional Chompers with the ability to produce many of their young quickly.
Their fertility is strengthened by a combination of sunlight and the soil blessed by Goddess Venus.

Defeating the Mother Chomper.
24 The power plant icon.png The Power Plant

The wind energy generated by the Golden Settlement's windmills are channeled into this power plant.
Then, it is distributed to the Bee Kingdom and some other areas.

Observe the machinery in Golden Settlement's Power Plant.
25 The bee kingdom icon.png The Bee Kingdom

Standing above all other Kingdoms, the Bees produce delicious honey and are a center for artistic and technological advancement.
It's also Vi's hometown, although she never felt quite at home there.

Enter the Bee Kingdom.
26 Balcony telescope icon.png Balcony Telescope

After Glasses were invented, scientists only had one question: How much more can we zoom in?
This telescope overseeing Bugaria, nicknamed the Eliascope, was the answer to that question.

Observe the Telescope on the Bee Kingdom's balcony.
27 B.o.s.s. icon.png B.O.S.S.

Using cutting-edge solid vision technology and the records contained in ancient crystals, this super expensive machine can let you relive fights from the past!

Talk to B.O.S.S. in the Bee Kingdom.
28 Defiant root icon.png Defiant Root

Built below the big tree's root and lucky enough to be over a water well, Defiant Root is a town that stands strong against all odds.
Bandits constantly ambush merchant caravans along trade routes, and its become a serious issue amongst its residents.
The Mayor works hard to find a solution that won't involve a war.

Enter Defiant Root.
29 Relic museum icon.png Relic Museum

This tourist attraction holds ancient relics found in the Lost Sands, alongside some nice crafts.
It even has an official copy of Queen Elizant's portrait!

Read a sign in the Defiant Root Museum.
30 The lost sands icon.png The Lost Sands

The Lost Sands are filled with bandits, and gigantic monuments no one can find a use for.
Explorers love to search every nook and cranny, hoping valuable treasure will pop right up.
Sadly, many fail to account for the scorpions and sandpits hiding in every corner.

Enter the Lost Sands.
31 Tardigrade idol icon.png Tardigrade Idol

Everything around it lay turned to dust or broken rock. But the Tardigrade endured.
They say this mystical bug can survive anywhere, and the idol lives up to its name.

Obtain the Tardigrade Shield medal.
32 Bandit hideout icon.png Bandit Hideout

Astotheles leads the bandits on their numerous raids across the Lost Sands
They seem to be trying to become an independent nation, but their methods don't help their reputation.
Although, they seem to already be a community that supports each other... Maybe they're already a nation?

Defeat Astotheles.
33 Stream mountain icon.png Stream Mountain

The source of Lost Sands' oasis and Defiant Root's well, Stream Mountain stands tall in the middle of the desert.
They say its peak hides ore of incredible value, and its depths a monster none have lived to describe.

Enter Stream Mountain.
34 Far grasslands icon.png Far Grasslands

Visible from almost everywhere, the Far Grasslands sport tall vegetation and ferocious creatures.
It borders the north, and most of Bugaria doesn't bother travelling past the Lost Sands gate.
The entirety of this area is under the control of the Wasp Kingdom, discouraging travelers from visiting.
Also nearby are the Wild Swamplands, where not even the Wasps dare to enter.

Enter the Far Grasslands.
35 Fishing village icon.png Fishing Village

A secluded village hosting a family of Dragonflies.
Despite being located in such a wild place, they enjoy relative safety and comfort.
Riz works tirelessly to keep it that way for his father and sister.

Enter the Fishing Village.
36 Wizard's tower icon.png Wizard's Tower

Hidden amongst the foliage hides a Tarantula wizard.
His only concerns are making powerful potions and reading his favorite books from within his tower.
As long as no one bothers him, he will make sure not to bother anyone.
But with his powers, who knows what he's capable of...

Enter the Wizard's Tower.
37 Wild swamplands icon.png Wild Swamplands

The Leafbug tribes have made this nest of monsters their home
The constant danger and strife have prevented the tribe from settling down and advancing technologically.
This place also houses a horrible, fearsome beast that caused Kabbu a great deal of anguish'.

Enter the Wild Swamplands.
38 Wasp kingdom icon.png Wasp Kingdom

Right in the middle of the northern border of Bugaria, the Wasp Kingdom is a militarized place full of soldiers and strife.
Well, that's what it is now.
Queen Vanessa and her mother made great advances in peace talks and solving the Wasp Kingdom's issues.
But the Wasp King usurper set back their efforts by many moons.

Enter the Wasp Kingdom.
39 Forsaken lands icon.png Forsaken Lands

There is nothing here but fog, pumpkins, and very adaptable monsters.
A maze full of loops and turns, one must pay attention to their surroundings to not get lost.

Enter the Forsaken Lands.
40 Ancient city icon.png Ancient City

While looking for a spot to build the Ant Kingdom on, Elizant I and her people traveled through the Forsaken Lands.
The abandoned campsite was taken over by Mothflies, but its crazy ruler was dispersed by a team of explorers.

Defeat the False Monarch.
41 Termite kingdom icon.png Termite Kingdom

An isolationist but very technologically advanced Kingdom that despises the sun.
After Elizant II came into power, relationships between the Ant and Termite Kingdom suffered
Now, with Bugaria in danger, hopefully those differences can be put aside.

Observe Termite Kingdom from on top of a rock structure in the Forsaken Lands, downwards from the Primal Weevil fight.
42 Termite statue icon.png Termite Statue

Apparently, this statue is one of the finest pieces of art ever produced in the Termite Kingdom.
They call it... "postmodern art?" Or something?
It's definitely an... interesting piece. It's meaning has yet to be agreed upon by critics and scholars.

Examine the statue inside the Termite Kingdom Palace
43 Termite colosseum icon.png Termite Colosseum

Despite the Termites being extremely technologically advanced, they've maintained the Colosseum in pristine state.
Although crowds boo on maintenance day, they understand its needed to preserve such iconic architecture.

Observe the colosseum from the roof of the bomb shop in the Termite Capitol.
44 Termacade icon.png Termacade

Created by reverse-engineering Giant technology, the Termacade is very popular in the Termite Kingdom!
Players can enter a new digital world without braving the world's dangers!
Now with a branch in the Ant Kingdom, the Termacade expects to further spread its name to areas outside of Bugaria.

Talk to the purple ant outside the Termacade.
45 Sailor's statue icon.png Sailor's Statue

After the great nautical revolution, boats were never the same.
Stronger engines! Safer hulls! The sea finally opened up to the common bug! ...Or at least those brave enough to not fear a shipwreck.
This statue symbolizes the steering wheel, one of the many technologies that surfaced during this revolution.

Observe the steering wheel statue at Bugaria Pier.
46 Metal island icon.png Metal Island

A bugmade island resort for the wealthy and influential.
Only the best chefs and entertainers serve the bugs staying at the trademark hotel.
It's auditorium is also host to the Spy Card tournament!
The rich don't know how to play it, but they sure love watching it!

Observe the statue in the middle of Metal Island's plaza
47 Spy cards icon.png Spy Cards

Select 1 boss, 2 mini-bosses, and up to 12 minions, then you can fight!
A card game utilizing the Spy data many explorers have gathered, its become very popular recently.
Many towns hide a Card Master - an expert at deck building and strategy!
Special effects:
Coin (X): X coins are launched. For every head, an effect is gained.
Lifsteal (X): Winning a round heals X Hp.
Unity: This card's attack is the amount of this card's tribe played.
VX X(Y): Vs X tribe, gain Y effect.
Tribe (X): For having X of a tribe in play, gain an effect.
Empower +N (X): X gain N attack. if ATK (X): Gain an effect if total Atk reaches X.
Pierce (X): Ignore X defense.
Setup (X): Next turn, gain X.
If X: If played alongside X card, gain an effect.
Numb: One of your opponent's Attacker cards is numbed.

Defeat Carmina in Spy Cards.
48 Peacock island icon.png Peacock Island

Ferries, explorers, and even monsters can't explain what draws them to this island.
A soft beat echoing through their mind...
Before they realize it, they've already been lured into the Peacock Spider's den!

Observe the leaf sign behind Peacock Island
49 Rubber prison icon.png Rubber Prison

A recent establishment built by Elizant II during the shaky period of her transition to power.
It has mostly fallen into disuse, given the stability of the Kingdom.
It was actually a fairly simple construction, as the ancient round structure provided most of the framework.
Ferrying workers in and out, however, proved to be the real cost.

Enter Rubber Prison.
50 Giant's lair icon.png Giant's Lair

They say creatures larger than Bugaria itself used to inhabit this lair.
Very little is known about them, but they handled incredibly powerful technology.
If they were so powerful...why did they disappear?

Enter Giant's Lair.


In the Anthill Palace library, Libren will reward Team Snakemouth after they find enough discoveries.

# Reward
5 25 Berries
10 Crystal Berry
15 Crystal Berry
20 25 Berries
25 Victory buzz icon.png Victory Buzz
30 30 Berries
35 Crystal Berry
40 Crystal Berry
45 Crystal Berry
50 Heart berry icon.png Heart Berry