This is a list of all discoveries in the demo.


001: Snakemouth Den Simply progressing through the Prologue will have you getting this discovery when you first find Snakemouth Den.

002: Snakemouth Depths Once again, you'll get this discovery through normal progression. You'll get it upon entering the first room with water in Snakemouth Den.

003: Explorer's Message At the beginning of Snakemouth Den, at the left end of the first room, there is a leaf with writing on it.

004: The Roaches' Village? In Snakemouth Den, at the south part of the 3-way room, there is a large statue of a roach.

005: Inn Foremothers Inside the inn, on the first floor, is a painting of the first staff of the inn.

006: The Settler Statue In the main plaza of the Ant Kingdom, you'll find this statue right in the middle. You can't miss it.