Denmuki is a small caterpillar enemy encountered in the Honey Factory.

In battle, they attack by running up to a bug, taking a moment to charge up and zapping them, numbing them on a failed block. On Hard Mode only, they have a small chance to, after attacking or being attacked, curl up, increasing their defense until they're hit with a flipping attack. If a bug gets numbed, make a sure to move them out of the front so that they have a chance to recover.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary These lesser caterpillars roam around the Honey Factory, attracted by the abundant electricity in the area. They are able to store electricity in their bodies which they use to protect themselves from predators and the Bees. While pests, they help regulate the excess energy the core releases now and then, so the Bees let them roam the factory while carefully avoiding their shocks.
Vi "Uh oh. Someone let the Denmukis out of their cage... We're gonna have to smack 'em before they zap us!"
Kabbu "Denmukis! Their electrified fur can power gadgets for days! ...I hope it won't shock me. I despise being shocked."
Leif "Ouch... We got shocked trying to pet it. This critter seems to be quite charged.We must block carefully, or we'll be getting numbed for real."

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