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Delilah is a boss in Bug Fables. She is part of Team Slacker with Stratos. She can be fought during the quest Getting Bored.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Team Slacker's wit. She's turned selling information into a profitable venture. She's gathered many poisons while exploring, which she can use to incapacitate more powerful enemies. Her favorite drink is Doppel's Berry Juice.
Kabbu Miss Delilah is suddenly so menacing...! And that's without her impressive weapon. It can seal away our items! Those bombs carry most cumbersome effects. We must make sure to stay healthy!
Vi A bazooka!? Did you get that from Shades!? It's full of bombs! Woah, that's a sticky bomb! We can't use items if that hits, they cost a fortune!
Leif Items, bombs and speed... Delilah is more resourceful than we anticipated. Losing access to our items would be awful. We should probably incapacitate her first.

Battle Information

Once the battle starts, Delilah stands behind Stratos as the ranged support, She will use items like Hustle Berries, Berry Jam, Magic Seeds, Clear Bombs, Queen's Dinners, Mite Burgers, Longleg Summoners, Numbnail Darts and Poison Darts. One of her attacks uses a bazooka, she will fire random ammunition toward a random member on Team Snakemouth, the ammunition ranges from ink bombs that can disable skill use, Flame Rocks that burn, Danger Spuds that will poison, Magic Ice to freeze, Hard Seeds for pure damage, or sticky bombs that will disable item use. If Delilah's eye glows before the attack, she will then fly up and throw Numbnail Darts and Poison Darts at Team Snakemouth. Delilah's last move is where she flies at a member of Team Snakemouth and sucks health out of them, healing herself in the process.

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