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Defiant Root is a town area northwest of Lost Sands. It is connected to the Bee Kingdom, as well as the Bandit Hideout through the well.


Like its name implies, Defiant Root is an area that is built near Big Tree's roots. It is a desert town with many buildings. The main room at the east has a Museum (where the 'It's Too Hot!' quest is done), Isau's clinic, Morty's bed bug place and a bar. The room north of it contains a bakery where Crisbee works at, a blacksmith's, a market, Kali's shop as well as a 'discreet place' where various poison related items are sold. In the room in the west, there is a passage directly leading to the Ant Mines, an elevator that leads to the Bee Kingdom at the top of the tree, an Ant Guard who can teleport the team directly to the south entrance of Lost Sands, and an Inn which costs 12 berries for the team to rest at. The exit here leads to Golden Settlement.


The following items can be bought here.

North Market

Item Price
Dry bread icon.png
Dry Bread
Crunchy leaf icon.png
Crunchy Leaf
Clear water icon.png
Clear Water
Agaric shroom icon.png
Agaric Shroom
Hustle berry icon.png
Hustle Berry
Magic ice icon.png
Magic Ice


Item Price Availability
Heart berry icon.png
Heart Berry
100 Chapter 3
Bond berry icon.png
Bond Berry
100 Chapter 3
Super pepper icon.png
Super Pepper
150 Chapter 6
Iron seed icon.png
Iron Seed
180 Chapter 7

Poison Emporium

Item Price
Danger spud icon.png
Danger Spud
Danger shroom icon.png
Danger Shroom
Poison bomb icon.png
Poison Bomb
Poison dart icon.png
Poison Dart

Crisbee's Bakery

Item Price
Honey drop icon.png
Honey Drop
Bag of flour icon.png
Bag of Flour
Nutty cake icon.png
Nutty Cake

Museum Roof

Item Price
Spicy berry icon.png
Spicy Berry

South Travelling Caravan Shop

Item Price
Magic seed icon.png
Magic Seed
Burly berry icon.png
Burly Berry
Succulent berry icon.png
Succulent Berry

Crisbee's Bakery

Crisbee's bakery is near the market in the room in the north. Crisbee himself acts like other chefs and can cook with either one or two ingredients, though the Crisbee Donut is his exclusive recipe (requires I Wanna Get Better! to be finished). There are also a few items to purchase on the shelf, most notably the Bag of Flour, which can be independently cooked to make a Dry Bread, or cooked with a large variety of ingredients for more outcomes.

Bed Bug

Team Snakemouth can rent a Bed Bug at Morty's. It allows the party to rest wherever no enemies are nearby. The first rental is free, and later it costs 30 berries each time the Bed Bug is taken.



  • While you can buy Dry Breads directly, it's better off buying Bags of Flour and cook them into Dry Breads instead, since the process of cooking is free, and doing so saves 3 berry for every Dry Bread.
  • Defiant Root was revealed during the v0.5 teaser alongside B.O.S.S.
  • You can tell the outcome is a Mistake (or any other outcomes that makes a 'failing' noise, like Abomihoney or Poison Cake) if Crisbee's oven inflates as he cooks. He will then frown as grey smokes appear (instead of green and orange swirls) from the oven.
  • Zasp in disguise asks the team for a Mothiva Doll at the dark market during the quest Lost Item.