Dead Lander γ are enemies found in Giant's Lair. They are creatures that resembles a hermit crab with a single monstrous eye. They aren't directly seen in the overworld; but instead, spawned when the player is caught by the giant eye in the first two rooms, directly above them.

Comparing to other two Dead Landers, the Dead Lander γ are extremely dangerous to engage, for the following reasons:

  • The spawn right above the player, and cannot be dodged in any way that works elsewhere. Leif's Bubble Shield will not work on them. They also immediately thaw out after being frozen, rendering freezing another ineffective method. They also move very fast and can interact with spring mushrooms.
  • All of their stats are very high, even higher than most mid-bosses you've met before like Ahoneynation and Dune Scorpion, even on Normal Mode. Their Spore attacks can target more than one bug, and moves very fast and is hard to block, and in some unfortunate situations they can even disable the entire party, easily stacking up damage with their other attacks that are high in damage, and Status Mirror doesn't work on them. They are also resistant to all status effects
  • Even if you manage to defeat one, a new one will soon spawn when the giant eye catches you again, making staying in rooms with them very dangerous.

They are very vicious to new players who has just entered this area, and are quite a nuisance to experienced players as well because of their high stats as an endgame regular enemy, so the player should consider retreat when needed. However, they have a chance to drop the rare Dark Cherry when defeated, which can either be sold for a high price or be used to craft powerful items like Berry Smoothie or Cherry Pie, being a very dangerous yet rewarding way to obtain them, as each Dark Cherry would cost the player a pricey 50 Berries elsewhere, which they can spend on making more useful things like Queen's Dinner (assuming all ingredients are bought, 40 berries on Tangy Berry, 4 on Honey Drop to be cooked into Glazed Honey and 4 on the Bag of Flour).

Strategies Edit

Main Article: Dead Lander Gamma/Strategies

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary One of the incomprehensible beasts that lay beyond Bugaria's safe haven. It is too risky to engage, even with a full exploration team. Flee on sight. More information would be too risky to gather.
Vi "I dunno what's scarier, this or the thing that dropped it... M-Maybe we should flee? That claw's super scary, but the spores are trouble too! We gotta be careful!"
Kabbu "What cursed creature could carry these monsters with ease!? We may even need to consider retreating...! We must block those spore missiles, but that claw cannot be ignored, either!"
Leif "By Elizant... Does the thing that dropped this creature see our struggle as a game!? Running may be a good idea...Tch. This thing's got powerful melee and ranged attacks. We'll have to give it our all."


  • They share the same bestiary entry with other two Dead Landers.
  • In some rare occasions, Dead Lander γ can be frozen for quite a period of time, such as being frozen on a ledge of a platform, where they'll be considered as in mid-air and will not thaw out.
  • All Dead Landers are weak to ice, suggesting that they're at least partially plants

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