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Beating Dead Lander γ in 1 turn

Warning: Missing an Action Command could be dangerous, only attempt this if you're ready. I've found this trick for anyone wishing to farm the rare Dark Cherry, or if they're just looking for a quick way to get rid of these fearsome foes. (This also works on hard mode)


Stat Number
MP 68
TP 42 (Including TP Plus)
Vi Atk (06) Def (-1)
Kabbu Atk (02) Def (01
Leif Atk (05) Def (00)

You can visit Patton's Hut to change your stats, though it is not really required to have the same exact stats for this trick. Stat berries were used.

Character Medals Equipped
Party 4 TP Pluses, Heavy Throw, A.D.B.P. Enhancer, Victory Buzz.
Vi 2 Last Attacks, 2 Power Exchanges, Antlion Jaws, TP Saver, Strong Start. (Electric Needles are Optional)
Kabbu Random Start, Status Relay.
Leif Antlion Jaws, Berserker.


First you should heal, so you don't run out of TP. Then you should enter the room before the Cold Tower, with the red healing Crystal, (Room choice doesn't matter) Make sure you're party leader is Vi before you get the Dead Lander Omega's attention. It is important to hit the monster before encountering it, so you can get as many actions as possible. This can be tricky, as it is really fast, run away from it until you have enough room to throw the Beemerang at it and stun it. Putting Vi in danger is not required, but it is an option. Kabbu getting poisoned it isn't much of a problem. In the video below, I don't even use Vi's third turn, it's a pretty easy trick. If you don't end up getting an attack boost/charge boost with Kabbu, try lowering it's defense with Heavy Throw. The first action I did was Needle Toss with the A.D.B.P. Enhancer. After that I went for Heavy Throw. Then I decided to do Fly Drop with Kabbu and skip Vi's extra turn. Finally, I finished him off with a regular attack from Leif. Another Method is Needle Toss to Heavy throw, and after that, Frost Relay.


(Bug Fables) Defeating Dead Lander Gamma in 1 turn


(Bug Fables) Defeating Dead Lander Gamma in 1 turn (Hard Mode)