Dead Lander β are enemies found in Giant's Lair. They fly in the air with balloon-like things attached to their back and cannot be grounded, rendering Kabbu and Leif's normal attacks ineffective. They also have lower HP in comparison to other Dead Landers. It's weak to ice attacks, but is difficult to Freeze.

They have two attacks: Either turn itself into a spiky ball to slam into everyone or to shoot a beam of poisonous fluid on one party member, hitting twice with very difficult block timing.

Numb work decently well against these monsters, especially from Needle Toss with Status Booster and A.D.B.P. Enhancer. With it's high HP it'll take a lot of hit to take them out, so either inflict Defense Down or use defense piercing attacks. Because of it's high damage and difficult block timing, it might be worth using Bubble Shield Lite on the front party member or Bubble Shield on everyone. For this Dead Lander, Enfeeble also works decently well.

Spy Log[edit | edit source]

Spier Description
Bestiary One of the incomprehensible beasts that lay beyond Bugaria's safe haven. It is too risky to engage, even with a full exploration team. Flee on sight. More information would be too risky to gather.
Vi "Yeugh! What is this slimy stuff it's spitting!? GROSS! No matter how much I hit it, it's not coming down...guess it's up to me!"
Kabbu "This disgusting, poison vomiting creature is simply out of my reach...Vi, Leif, I have never needed you more than I do now!"
Leif "Ugh. Just ugh. This disgusting liquid...! How dare you drench us in it!? It cannot be knocked down from the air... We'll have to use our TP wisely."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All Dead Landers are weak to ice, suggesting that they're at least partially plants.

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