Dead Lander α are enemies found in the Giant's Lair. They are strong enemies with a variety of abilities that resembles the enemies in other parts of Bugaria, being able to shot toxin blobs in a manner similar to the Bee-Boop that can either Numb or Poison or to directly bite their opponents. They can also dive underground like Psicorps (though as a free action after attacking), and can be forced out by Leif's ice attacks. They take extra damage from ice attacks, although they're hard to Freeze.

Numb work decently well against these monsters, especially from Needle Toss with Status Booster and A.D.B.P. Enhancer. With its high HP it'll take a lot of hit to take them out, so either inflict Defense Down or use defense piercing attacks. Because of its high damage and difficult block timing, it might be worth using Bubble Shield Lite on the front party member or Bubble Shield on everyone. There appearance is rather similar to a stick bug, especially the one in the Fishing Village.

Spy Log[edit | edit source]

Spier Description
Bestiary One of the incomprehensible beasts that lay beyond Bugaria's safe haven. It is too risky to engage, even with a full exploration team. Flee on sight. More information would be too risky to gather.
Vi "What the heck is that? Is that even a bug!? Dead Landers creep me out...It's got all sorta poisons, and it can dig! Leif, be ready to bring it out!"
Kabbu "Ngh, the real monsters don't compare to the northern tales. What firepower...Focus on blocking its poison, team. Leif, unearth it when it burrows!"
Leif "What a terrifying organism... We can't get a read on it at all. And it's got quite potent poisons, too.When we pressure it, it burrows to hide. It won't expect our ice magic underground!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dead Lander α looks like the crops in Fishing Village.
  • Dead Lander α is categorized as a mid-boss in Spy Cards, but as a regular enemy elsewhere, as it's fought in the Cave of Trials and not B.O.S.S. The sames goes for other two Dead Landers.
  • All three Dead Landers share the same bestiary entry, being 'One of the incomprehensible beasts that lay beyond Bugaria's safe haven.It is too risky to engage, even with a full exploration team. Flee on sight. More information would be too risky to gather'.
  • All Dead Landers are weak to ice, suggesting that they're at least partially plants.

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