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Crystal Berries are collectible items that can be found throughout Bugaria. There are 50 in total, and are used to trade for medals with Shades at the Underground Tavern.

If the Detector medal is equipped, it will alert Team Snakemouth when a Crystal Berry is nearby.

Collecting all 50 Crystal Berries rewards the "Crystal Collector" achievement.

Chapter One
Bugaria Outskirts Outside Snakemouth Den, behind a bush.
Snakemouth Den Cut a bush next to a sign on the far left side of the underground lake room.
Snakemouth Den Behind a large mushroom on the left side of the large door room.
Anthill Palace Deliver the Ancient Mask to Queen Elizant II.
Chapter Two
Ant Kingdom City Inside the theater, repeatedly hit the musical cylinder with Kabbu's horn.
Bugaria Pier Hidden behind the dock .
Golden Path In the Golden Path's first room. Accessed with a bounce shroom hidden behind some bushes.
Golden Settlement Inside the windmill on the left side of the settlement. Use Vi's beemerang halt to spin a crank and open the door.
Golden Path One room before the Devourer on a ledge. Use Vi's beemerang halt to rotate a platform and reach the ledge.
Golden Hills One screen left of the first room of golden hills, following the bridge up and climbing the flytraps.
Anthill Palace Deliver the Ancient Tablet to Queen Elizant II.
Chapter Three
Metal Island Win the Spy Cards tournament.
Lost Sands Defeating the bandits that ambush the Traveling Caravan.
Honey Factory Ice puzzle key card room. Behind a pipe reached after riding the honey fountain.
Honey Factory Storage room. Reached by climbing on top of the crates and crossing the bridge. Use Vi's beemerang halt to hit a lever and move a crate that blocks access to the Crystal Berry.
Anthill Palace Deliver the first half of the Ancient Key to Queen Elizant II.
Chapter Four
Wizard's Tower In the Wizard's Tower basement on a bookshelf in the top left.
Bandit Hideout Dig spot in the right jail cell. 20201204134325 1.jpg
Bandit Hideout Dig spot behind the cafeteria counter. Reached by using a bounce shroom and jumping across the wooden supports. Dig Spot Bandit Cafeteria.jpg
Ant Kingdom City Dig spot immediately right of the inn.
Ant Mines Dig spot at the end of the meeting room. Meeting Room Crystal Berry.png
Bugaria Outskirts Dig spot on top of a rock to the right of the Explorers' Association. Crystal Berry Bugaria Outskirts.png
Golden Settlement Dig spot surrounded by a cluster of rocks in the first room of Golden Settlement. Dig Spot Golden Settlement Rock Circle.jpg
Golden Settlement Dig spot inside the aphid and cochineal pen. Requires Kabbu's dig ability to get under the fence. Dig Spot Aphid Pen.jpg
Golden Settlement Talk to the fortune teller from behind using Kabbu's dig ability to get under the fence. Crystal Berry Behind Fortune Teller.jpg
Lost Sands Dig spot in the roach ruins area where the Heavenly Key is found. Inside a ruined building, initially obscured by a wall. Dig Spot Lost Sands Ruins.jpg
Metal Island On top of Metal Island's restaurant. Use Kabbu's dig to get under the fence on the left side of the restuarant and ride a bounce shroom to reach it.
Ancient Castle In the moving platforms room where the first key is found on the right side.
Ancient Castle In the rolling rocks room. After the first rock, use Leif's Shield ability to cross the spikes into a secret room between two pillars.
Chapter Five
Upper Snakemouth In the button room, reached by placing a frozen Zombiant on the red and yellow buttons.
Far Grasslands Dig spot in the entrance area, immediately left of the gate. Grasslands Entrance Crystal Berry.png
Far Grasslands One screen left of the entrance area. Sitting at the top of a log in the bottom left corner.
Bugaria Outskirts Behind Chuck's house. Reached by smashing a large boulder.
Wild Swamplands Dig spot in the room with a large spike pit, underneath a boulder.
Chapter Six
Fishing Village Complete the quest Sweets From Outside!.
Bugaria Outskirts One screen below the Explorer's Association. Dig spot reached using Vi's fly.
Snakemouth Den In the first room. Use Vi's fly to cross two pillars and hit a vine with Vi's beemerang.
Lost Sands Dig spot in the room where the caravan was first ambushed. Use Vi's fly to cross a sand pit. Climb the rocks to find the spot.
Termite Capitol Behind the steps in the Termite throne room Termite Palace Crystal Berry.png
Termite Capitol At the termite port. Use Vi's fly to reach a pillar in the bottom right side of the room. Termite Port Crystal Berry.png
Forsaken Lands Complete the quest Best Friend In The Fog!. In the newly accessible room, approach the small hole and place an item in front.
Bee Kingdom Hive Complete the quest In Search of Paint.
Chapter Seven
Giant's Lair Dig spot in the second screen of the area. Immediately downwards after entering. Giant's Lair Crystal Berry.png
Giant's Lair On the fridge's second floor. In the top left corner, behind a milk carton.
Anthill Palace Reward for finding 10 discoveries.
Anthill Palace Reward for finding 15 discoveries.
Anthill Palace Reward for finding 35 discoveries.
Anthill Palace Reward for finding 40 discoveries.
Anthill Palace Reward for finding 45 discoveries.
Anthill Palace Complete the quest Lost Books