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Cross and Poi are a pair of termite border guards the team first encounter on their way to Termite Capitol after beating the Primal Weevil. They are later fought in the Termite Capitol's Colosseum as part of the Termite Kingdom's test of strength. True to his name he fights using a crossbow but is also capable of melee attacks. He along with Poi can be refought at the Colosseum as the second fight.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Cross is a skilled but naive border guard, who always checks with his partner Poi for a second opinion. He uses a crossbow to complement his naturally close-range attacks.
Kabbu I'm sorry, Cross. We never meant to drag you into this...Everyone, watch out for his crossbow. We must give them a worthy battle!
Vi Whoa, that's a nice crossbow! Maybe I should try new weapons sometime...Tough bite, too. We can't give him a chance to use all his attacks!
Leif This one's got buff arms and fancy weapons. Deadly combo. Termites handle the cold well. Guess it's up to us if we want to gamble on it.

Battle Information



  • Succulent Platters used by Cross and Poi are weaker than the normal ones, as they can only target a single character.

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