Crisbee is a chef who works in a bakery in Defiant Root. His exclusive dish is the Crisbee Donut, which recovers 12 TP with no downsides, and can be made from a Glazed Honey and a Bag of Flour. He also sells various stuffs in his bakery.

Appearance and Characterstics Edit

Crisbee is a chubby male bee who wears a blue hat and a blue apron, with sky blue eyes. A red flower is equipped on the left side of his fur, which is cream-colored.

Unlike the other two chefs, Crisbee is a very diligent and friendly chef and enjoys practicing cooking with others. He is also very modest, and when he doesn't cook well, instead of blaming the quality or combination of the ingredients, he simply apologizes for his mistake. He is a bit coward and is afraid of monstrous beings, as seen when he hides away from the Abomihoneys when he tries to cook an Abombnation.

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Trivia Edit

  • When the outcome is a Mistake or any other recipe that is considered as a 'failure', his oven will slightly inflate before the 'fail' sound effect plays.
  • Funnily enough, his bakery with Bag of Flour on sale is just next to a market where a Dry Bread, also crafted from a singular Bag of Flour, is sold with 3 berries more expensive than Bag of Flour.
  • Crisbee is a male carpenter bee. All honeybees in game are female.[1]

References Edit

  1. "crisbee is male but he is a carpenter bee not a honeybee all honeybees in game are female" by Mar on Discord
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