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Chubee is a rather plump bee who participates in the eating contest during the festival in Golden Settlement. The player can obtain the Weak Stomach Medal after the contest, but they need to buy it later if they miss the medal. She also stars in the quest Theater Help Wanted! in which Team Snakemouth help her in an upcoming play. In this repeatable quest, Chubee plays the lead role of a princess who gets kidnapped by the Evil Prince.


Chubee is a chubby bee with some puffy fur around her neck and a red flower on her head.


She's a good sport, and an actor, she's also happy most of the time. When Chubee first meets the Team, she says she's Vi's biggest fan, and that she's inspired by a Bee who's trying something new. She congratulates Leif for his victory during the eating contest. She's also a good actor who pleases the crowd and she plays the role of the Princess. She becomes extremely upset if the play goes wrong (the team is defeated).