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You don't need to say it twice, we will protect her with all we got.
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Chompy is a baby Chomper born from the Chomper Seed obtained after defeating Mother Chomper in Chomper Cave. After finding the Tardigrade Shield medal and the Heaven Key, the seed can be given to Professor Honeycomb to sprout it. Chompy serves as an optional supportive party member to Team Snakemouth.


Chompy has a pink bud, with light orange petals attached to its back, as well as a pale yellow stem. She seems to have a smile on her face rather than an angry frown, due to her harmless nature from being brought up in Professor Honeycomb's lab. When a Ribbon is given to her, the ribbon is equipped near her petals.

Team Snakemouth can change Chompy's name when she is first born and later by talking to Hawk in the lab.


Midway into their adventure (sometime after the events of Chapter 3), after Leif learns the Bubble Shield skill, they explore a cavern known as Chomper Cave, located along the Golden Path. Within it, they defeat the optional mini-boss Mother Chomper.

After obtaining a Chomper Seed from defeating Mother Chomper, the party takes it to Defiant Root's Bee Kingdom Hive, delivering it to Professor Honeycomb. After Hawk returns from investigating the desert after Team Snakemouth acquires the Tardigrade Shield, Professor Honeycomb allows the seed to incubate and eventually grow into the team's fourth member, a baby Chomper whose name defaults to Chompy, but can be changed to anything Team Snakemouth desires.

Battle Stats

Chompy has three moves: Attack, Do Nothing, and Change Ribbon. The attack is a bite with a base damage of 2, and it will automatically target the nearest ground enemy. To perform the action command, press the button shown when the icon turns green. If the action command fails or if there are no available targets, Chompy will trip over and no damage is dealt. She can gain access to higher stats or more attack with Ribbons.

In HARDEST mode, Chompy's attack power is 1 higher.

Chompy always stands behind all team members and cannot act until all main party members have acted. If you have a helper on your team, they'll act after Chompy. She also doesn't have HP and thus is never targeted by enemies.


Ribbons can enhance Chompy's stats or attacks, depending on its type. To equip a Ribbon, leave Chompy at the lab or at her bed in the team's house and give her the ribbon you want her to equip, or you can change it during the battle.

Ribbons Description Effects Location
Pretty ribbon icon.png
Pretty Ribbon
This pink ribbon is getting really popular! Who to give it to... Increases Chompy's attack power by 1. Bee Kingdom (50 Berries)
Drowsy ribbon icon.png
Drowsy Ribbon
Just looking at this ribbon somehow makes you sleepy, what kind of use could it have? Grants Chompy the 'Drowzy Bite' move, which has a chance to inflict Sleep and deals 2 damage for 3 TP. Termacade (90 Tokens)
Shocking ribbon icon.png
Shocking Ribbon
A magic ribbon infused with shocking magic, what use could it have? Grants Chompy the 'Numbing Bite' move, which has a chance to inflict Numb and deals 2 damage for 3 TP. Termacade (90 Tokens)
Venom ribbon icon.png
Venom Ribbon
A ribbon infused with a poisonous substance, what use could it have? Grants Chompy the 'Venom Bite' move, which has a chance to inflict Poison and deals 2 damage for 2 TP. Termacade (90 Tokens)
Team ribbon icon.png
Team Ribbon
A magic ribbon that somehow increases teamwork! What use could it have? Recovers 1 TP each time Chompy deals damage. Cave of Trials (50 Waves)



  • Chompy appears along with the rest of the team during the credits if unlocked.