The Chomper Caves are separated from the rest of Bugaria. It is located beneath the Golden Path and it's a home for Chompers and it's also where Mother Chomper, and Chompy were born.


There is foliage everywhere. The main cave consist of 2 rooms. The first room you can see Venus Bud, some Chompers, and the rare Chomper Brute. In the second room there are platforms and water dropping from the ceiling, there is also a crack that will lead to a Berserker Medal. Going through that leads back to the first room where Kabbu can make a short-cut by knocking down a log. The boss room is a big room with a hole in the ceiling with light shining through it and leaves falling inside it, the Mother Chomper is with her Chompers doing some sort of dance.


Item Location
Discovery #23 Obtained after defeating Mother Chomper.
Chomper seed icon.png
Chomper Seed
Obtained after defeating Mother Chomper.
Berserker icon.png
Dig through a crack on the far left side of the Chomper Cave.
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