Chomper Brutes are enemies found in the Chomper Cave that resides across spike pit in the Golden Path, they are large Red Chompers with Dark Brown leaves growing out of their head area, like most Chompers they have large roots growing out of their heads, which they use to stand. Along with every other plant in this game, they are weak to Ice and will take extra damage from Ice related attacks or items.

Chomper Brutes' main attacks are spitting Hard Seeds at various party members, but will also occasionally go up to a single party member and slam their head against them. They have a chance to summon a regular Chomper if there is space available on addition to attacking.

You'll likely need to spend a decent amount of TP to take out one of these monsters without loosing a lot of HP. Get rid of regular Chompers first, then focus fire Chomper Brutes one at the time. Defense lowering moves, like Break or Heavy Throw, can make the process quicker. You last attack should be Frigid Coffin, unless it feels like you'll need to save TP for the next battle. Icefall is also an option if you're fighting two Brutes at the same time.

Spy LogsEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary This Chomper has grown large and strong due to being in great proximity to both its mother and very fertile areas. It can spawn strong young Chompers, and its bite can pierce through rock.
Vi "Whoa! What do they FEED this thing!? We've gotta be careful! Let's gang up on it before it makes too many Chompers!"
Kabbu "An enlarged version of a Chomper... We must be near its nest, then. It must be protecting its territory. We're sorry, you poor creature... But we cannot let you stop us!"
Leif "Chompers are cute. When they're small. This one's lost a lot of the charm. We'd best freeze it up before it spawns too many reinforcements.".

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