Chomper Brutes are plant-like enemies found in the Chomper Cave that resides across spike pit in the Golden Path. Much hardier than their humbler-sized kin and retaining the ability to create reinforcements, battles with them can last quite some time unless the player is willing to spend TP. They have a 50% chance to drop one of various cooked items, including Abomihoney, Nutty Cake, Poison Cake, Shock Candy, Frost Pie, Mushroom Gummies, and Drowsy Cake.

This Chomper has grown large and strong due to being in great proximity to both its mother and very fertile areas. It can spawn strong young Chompers, and its bite can pierce through rock.

An enlarged version of a Chomper... We must be near its nest, then. It must be protecting its territory. We're sorry, you poor creature... But we cannot let you stop us!

Whoa! What do they FEED this thing!? We've gotta be careful! Let's gang up on it before it makes too many Chompers!

Chompers are cute. When they're small. This one's lost a lot of the charm. We'd best freeze it up before it spawns too many reinforcements.

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