Chompers are red plants appearing in Golden Hills as a regular enemy. Their bites will recover their own HP if not blocked, and they can summon allies if not taken out quickly. The allies have 4 HP in both normal mode and hard mode. Chompers are weak to Leif's ice attacks, but are immune to Sleep.

Note that medals that decrease damage dealt like the Back Support medal will decrease that amount of HP the chomper can heal, even when the attack has not been blocked.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary These vicious plants see bugs as meals and roam the Golden region. They're always looking for their next snack, and tourists must be wary of them. Although small, they can quickly multiply if left alone. They must never be underestimated.
Vi "Chompers are the worst! They bite you really hard, and even heal while doing it! And then they summon tinier, annoying Chompers! I'm gonna take it out before it can!"
Kabbu "Chompers... They reproduce quickly and eat voraciously with their sharp teeth... I will strike them down, before they can heal by biting us!"
Leif "This thing... It's kinda funny, isn't it? Just the way it dances. The little ones it summons are even funnier. Its bites heal it, though... We'll destroy it quickly with ice magic."

Trivia Edit

  • Chompers somewhat resemble Ptooies from Super Mario series.
  • Chompers are called 'Flytrap' in the game file.
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