The Everlasting Sapling is the seventh and final chapter of Bug Fables. The Chapter takes place within Giant's Lair and culminates in the final boss fight. It is preceded by Chapter 6: Assault on Rubber Prison.


Team Snakemouth enters the Giant's Lair, a barren place where bugs are said to 'not come back upon entering'. Venus appears again in front of the team, telling them that she is unable to travel further into the place because of its atmosphere, but still offers healing at the beginning of the area. After making their way through various objects, Team Snakemouth, Team Maki and Team Mothiva, as well as other travelers meet in front of the entrance to a cold place (presumably a fridge), and is suddenly ambushed by some Dead Landers. After defeated the Dead Landers and climbing the cold tower, they found the actual Roaches and their villages. The Elder of the Roaches tells the teams that the Roaches guards the Everlasting Sapling because it's sacred, and is the source of all things in Bugaria. Elizant II, now being much more mature than in the beginning of the story and has realized how disastrous the pursuit of the sapling has become, talks to the Elder by herself, and announces that she is going to destroy the Sapling instead. The Elder eventually agrees with her, and allows the teams to enter the Sapling Plain. The Wasp King creates a wall of fire (through turning on a stove) and some fiery variants of Sand Castle enemies in hope of trying to stop the teams, but the fire is eventually stopped by Team Snakemouth's efforts. The trio then faces Wasp King with others right before he reaches the sapling. The Wasp King once again uses his fire magic, but Team Snakemouth survives thanks to the Flame Brooch, and they seemly defeats the Wasp King. Shortly after this, Wasp King throws a Cherry Bomb at the team and unlocks the sapling anyway. To everyone's surprise, it's wilted and there is only one leaf on it. Feeling disappointed, Wasp King devours the only leaf, transforming into the almighty Everlasting King. For some reason however, his power eventually runs out and he loses the control of his body, becoming an ordinary tree. Knowing that the sapling is destroyed, Elizant II feels somehow relieved as she finally fulfills her mother's wishes, and she talks to Leif about this. The Roaches are also free from their mission of guarding the sapling, and begin to explore the world as they wish. Although the legend of the Everlasting Sapling is now gone, Bugaria is now in peace, and a ceremony for the Team Snakemouth is held at Ant City, with everyone in Bugaria, including the reformed Ultimax joining it this time.




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