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Assault on Rubber Prison is the sixth chapter of Bug Fables. In it, Team Snakemouth travels to the Forsaken Lands to try to mend relationships with the Termite Kingdom and retake Rubber Prison from the Wasps. It is preceded by Chapter 5: The Far Wildlands and followed by Chapter 7: The Everlasting Sapling.

Plot (Unfinished)

Team Snakemouth, Vanessa, and Maki all rush to the Ant Kingdom, expecting another wasp invasion, however, upon arriving at Ant Kingdom City Plaza, everything looks just fine. Vi suspects the wasps tricked them again, but Maki believes something is wrong, and heads to Anthill Palace with Vanessa.

The team enters the Anthill Palace, and they see the Ant Lieutenant injured, telling them to hurry to the throne room. In the throne room, the Wasp King is back, and has already defeated Maki, Zaryant, and the Queen. The Wasp King uses the same fire spell on the team he had used during the last invasion, knocking them all out instantly. Turning around, the Wasp King strikes Maki's sister Kina, sending her flying. The Queen has seen enough harm to her own people, and surrenders the rest of the artifacts to the Wasp King. Before leaving through the shattered stained-glass window, the Wasp King vows to come back with the power of the Everlasting Sapling and conquer all of Bugaria.

Leif thanks the Queen for saving them, and calls her "Queen" rather than "Elizant" for the first time. The Queen removes her royal mask. She believes she is undeserving to wear the mask, as she has failed her people and her mother. Zaryant disagrees, and tries to make the Queen feel better, but it doesn't work. Vanessa shares the story of how she had been usurped by the Wasp King, but never raised a blade to defend herself. She was certain her subjects would continue to follow her, but the Wasp King turned them all against her. Maki and Kabbu also try to help the Queen, but it is no use. Leif asks the Queen why she is looking for the Everlasting Sapling. Kabbu and Vi assume it is because she would like to be young and fit to rule forever, but the Queen explains that all she wanted was to use the power of the Everlasting Sapling to awaken her mother, Elizant I, who was put into a deep slumber using crystal energy. She would then abdicate her throne to her mother, whose dream it was to continue to rule Bugaria. The Queen believes her mother was a far better Queen. Leif explains that he was wrong about the Queen's intentions. Vi inappropriately calls the story "awesome," embarrassing everyone in the throne room. The team wishes that they could pursue the king, but have no idea where to find him. Neolith tells them that, after all his research, he found out the sapling the king is looking for is within the Giant's Lair. The team is terrified, as the Giant's Lair is a haunted place, which the Queen explains previously housed the rulers of Bugaria, who were giants. To get there, Kina says they will need a boat. Zaryant now realizes why the Wasps destroyed the ships at the pier. Vanessa suggests that they ask the Termite Kingdom for a boat. However, the Queen explains that she could not maintain the same level of diplomacy her mother did with the Termites, and their alliance fell apart, resulting in all Ants being banned from the Termite Kingdom. Despite this and her injuries, the Queen still thinks she should travel there. Zaryant opposes the idea, as the Termite Kingdom is deep in the Forsaken Lands, which is teeming with dangerous creatures. The Queen is still adamant on going, ordering Maki and Zaryant to rally the explorers and quell any rumors. She believes the Wasps have seized the Rubber Prison, the only known way of getting inside the Giant's Lair. She will need to be escorted to the Termite Kingdom, and asks Team Snakemouth to meet up with her at the Golden Path Tunnel, where the old entrance to the Forsaken Lands is located. Finally, she tells Vanessa that she is allowed to stay in the Anthill Palace for the time being, which Vanessa is grateful for. The team leaves the throne room to follow the Queen, meeting Mothiva and Zasp, who are angry that they weren't involved in the meeting. After a brief quarrel, Leif tells Mothiva and Zasp not to bother them anymore, as they're headed to the Termite Kingdom.

Arriving at the Golden Path Tunnel, which is around the area the team first washed up after exploring Snakemouth Den, the team meets the Queen once more. She decides to join the team as they enter the Forsaken Lands, granting the temporary skill Royal Decree.

In the Forsaken Lands, the team meets Patton, a mad scientist who had been exiled from the Ant Kingdom by the Queen for his unethical experiments. Patton learns about their mission, and gives them the advice to follow the path of rubbish, which bugs had been using to mark their way. The Queen thanks Patton, who wants his exile to be lifted, but she says they can discuss it later.

The team reaches a short gap they are unable to cross, and there are no other shortcuts. The Queen asks Vi to carry them across by flying, but Vi is reluctant, as it takes a lot of effort to carry Kabbu, and her arms could get sore. Vi gains the Bee Fly field skill, and with Kabbu, they gain the Fly Drop skill.

Following the flow of the wind, Vi's Bee Fly field skill is able to work across much larger gaps. Climbing on top of piles of pumpkins allows the team to reach greater heights.

The team hears a hideous screech from a Primal Weevil, who jumps down from the cliff to fight. After defeating the beast, a squad of two Termite soldiers named Cross and Poi thank the team. They recognize the Queen, seeing her as an enemy, but she tells them that all of Bugaria is in great danger, and that she must meet with their rulers. Cross and Poi decide to, after delivering the weevil for research and informing the Royal Guard, let the team and the Queen into the kingdom, but warn that their rulers will not be pleased.

Past the gate, and now in the Termite Capitol, the Queen heads directly to the castle, so that too many Termites do not notice her. The team walks through the underground city, which is full of fog and industry, as well as advanced technologies. They enter the castle, and meet the Queen, who is a bit nervous to move forward. In the throne room, the Termite royals, King Hector IV and Queen Layra II are chatting, and the king is jolly to meet a surprise visitor. Upon seeing the Ant Queen, King Hector's mood dramatically shifts, as he is offended by her presence in his halls, and asks her why she has arrived. The Queen unmasks her face, telling the royals that her kingdom has been attacked by wasps, and that the artifacts of old have been seized from her. Layra is surprised the Queen managed to find the artifacts at all, while Hector is enraged that she incompetently lost them. The Queen explains that the Wasp King's power was too much for her knights to handle, and that he will obtain the sapling soon to become even stronger. Hector and Layra are unworried, confident that their great defenses cannot be breeched by Wasps. The Queen tells them that the Wasp King has mastered the magic of flame, which concerns Layra. Hector believes the sapling was only a myth that drove Queen Elizant I insane, but the Queen strongly disagrees, citing that the Wasp King is sending his entire army into the treacherous Giant's Lair to obtain this sapling, so it cannot be mere myth. Layra is convinced by the Queen, yet Hector is reluctant, and asks the Queen what she wants from them. The Queen explains she needs a way to cross the sea to the Giant's Lair. Layra discusses with Hector that she could give them something their scientists had been experimenting on, but Hector wants to see how strong the Wasp King truly was by testing Team Snakemouth's own strength in the Colosseum, an ancient Termite tradition. Team Snakemouth promises the Queen that they will succeed, while the Queen discusses other matters with Layra.

In the Colosseum, the team enters into the competition. A gigantic arena, filled with crowds of Termites, is presided over by the Hector and Layra. Team Snakemouth is introduced to the stage, set to fight a Plumpling and a Mimic Spider for their first of three rounds of battle. The team defeats them, and the next round begins, with the Termite Kingdom's bravest border guards, Cross and Poi. Kabbu promises to honor them with a great fight, and in the end, Cross and Poi are defeated. Hector, angered by the team's successes so far, decides to unleash the Primal Weevil. The team had actually already defeated the beast before entering the Termite Kingdom, so it seems like they will have to fight it again. Suddenly, a famous voice is heard, and Zasp appears, kicking the Primal Weevil off the stage, making room for Mothiva, who the Termites adore. Kabbu asks why Zasp wants to make their mission more difficult. Zasp says it's because this is an opportunity to show a huge crowd that Team Mothiva is superior to Team Snakemouth, so they can tag along with the Queen instead. Kabbu is shocked that Mothiva could potentially be dooming Bugaria by trying to prove she's better, and, in an uncharacteristic outrage, angrily shouts at Mothiva, calling her a "witch" and reminding her that Team Snakemouth was responsible for saving her life. Mothiva is mad because she told the team to never speak of that again. Zasp is completely allied with Mothiva's cause, and refuses to talk her out of it. Vi wishes to fight the Primal Weevil instead, but the fight against Mothiva begins anyway. Team Snakemouth knocks out Zasp and Mothiva in front of the crowd, convincing the Termites of their strength. Hector is very impressed by the show, and tells the team to meet back at the Royal Chambers.

Within the Royal Chambers, the Ant Queen is proud of the team for bringing honor to their kingdom. Because Hector is too occupied with grumbling, Layra tells the team that they now acknowledge the danger of the Wasp King, and that their finest engineers have been working on a prototype vehicle able to operate and travel underwater, called the "Subaquatic Maritime Neotransport" by Hector, but simply "Submarine" by Layra. They are granting the submarine to the Queen, who plans to have it transported to the Outskirt Pier. Layra tells the Queen that there are Termites who would like to come along to see Bugaria, which would cease the moons-long separation of their people, at least, for now. The Termites plan to purchase a bit of land in Bugaria. The Queen is pleased to hear this, and promises to repay the Termites. Hector does not believe her, but Leif reassures them that the Queen is honest and honorable. The Queen is thankful to have finally earned Leif's support, and heads off to the Termite Capitol's pier to check on the submarine.

The team meets the Termite scientist and the Queen at the pier. The scientist introduces the team to the submarine, which they plan to use to get to the Everlasting Sapling. Leif feels as their journey is nearly reaching its end.

Boarding the submarine, the team sails to the pier of Bugaria Outskirts, which is north of the Termite Kingdom. After docking, the Queen is welcomed back into her kingdom by an Ant Guard. Wedge, the Termite scientist, as well as an entrepreneur, and 2 workers are pleased by the warm sunlight of the Ant Kingdom's green land. The Queen reminds Wedge to stay at the docks and repair the sunken ships, and orders the team to immediately board the submarine once again to clear a path into the Rubber Prison alone. She plans to send in reinforcements when the ships are repaired. The Queen gifts the team 100 berries, to help them gather supplies, then heads off to show the Termites around.

The team sails northeast, docking in front of the huge, imposing, multi-leveled Rubber Prison. As the team traverse through the wasp-controlled prison, the team collects History Books. These history books are eventually used in the library, revealing a Wooden Crank, that allows them to break down a bridge and open the barrier the wasps put to block them from reaching Giant's Lair.

After making their way to the entrance of Giant's Lair, they encounter Ultimax again, now with his ULTIMAX Tank. After a lengthy struggle, Ultimax is defeated again, but refuses to given, even though he's hopelessly outmatched. The team realizes that he, along with most other wasps, are mind controlled by the Wasp King, and Leif decides to freeze him.

Meanwhile, Team Ant, Team Mothiva, Team Maki, as well as Wasp Queen, have also reached Rubber Prison, ready to help the team on their final part of their adventures. Wasp Queen entrusts the team and gives them a Flame Brooch she uses to protect herself from Wasp King's flames before they go.




Quest Rewards






  • Butler Missing Again!
  • They Took Her...!
  • Find the Ingredients!
  • Sweets From Outside!
  • Rare Item Wanted
  • It's Time...!