The Far Wildlands is the fifth chapter of Bug Fables.

Plots Edit

To get the Ancient Key back from the Wasps, the trio has to travel through Far Grasslands and, eventually, the Far Swamplands northeast of it. Maki goes with the team, while Yin and Kina stay back at Defiant Root. As the team explores the swamp, Kabbu tells the team that he once had an adventure here, but a Beast attacked his team and killed his allies, leaving only him alive. The team gets ambushed by a group of Leafbugs, who cut the bridge as the explorers try to cross it. Nobody lands in the swamp, but Maki gets injured by the fall and is unable to fight with the team. Kabbu learns how to use Horn Dash field skill here, which can be used to smash rocks. They later encounter The Beast, and Kabbu insists on fighting it, despite the other shouting at him to hide. Vi and Leif almost die in battle, but Kabbu, enraged by the deaths of his past friends and the dire state of his current ones, manages to slay The Beast. Maki soon catches up and scolds Kabbu for his actions, but is also glad that he is fine in the end. They set a camp outside Wasp Kingdom to recover from the difficult journey, and sneak in through a crack of the wall. General Ultimax tries to stop them, but is soon knocked out. The trio finds the Wasp Queen, who is trapped by the Wasp King inside her room when he becomes the king, but also suddenly realizes that they've been tricked by the Wasps. They hurry back to the Ant Kingdom, but it's too late - the Wasp King has once again invaded, this time injuring most of its guards, including Kina and other guards of the Queen and the team once more, forcing her to handle the rest of the artifacts. He then heads towards Giant's Lair to find the Everlasting Sapling. Elizant II tells the team that she wants to use the sapling to fulfil her mother's, Elizant I, wish - for her to be able to support her people without fear of death from old age, instead of using it for her own ends. She decides to ask for help from the Termite Kingdom, which does not welcome ants, as the last hope. She wait for the team at the entrance to the Forsaken Lands.

Areas Edit

  • Far Grasslands
  • Far Swamplands

Enemies Edit

  • Flowerling
  • Wild Chomper
  • Mantidfly
  • Jumping Spider
  • Leafbug Ninja
  • Leafbug Archer
  • Leafbug Clubber
  • The Beast (Boss)
  • Wasp Trooper
  • Wasp Scout
  • Wasp Driller (Mini-boss)
  • Wasp Bomber (Mini-boss)
  • General Ultimax (Mini-boss)

Medals Edit

  • Everlasting Poison

Quest Rewards Edit

  • Power Exchange
  • Leaf Cloak

Purchaseable Edit

Merab Edit

Shades Edit

Quests Edit

  • Want to Relive Memories...
  • Helpers needed at once.
  • Help me Get it Back!
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