Factory Inspection is the third chapter of Bug Fables.

Plots Edit

The Team Snakemouth travels through the Lost Sands to Defiant Root, above which is Bee Kingdom, where the Ancient Key Piece is hidden in its factory area. While travelling in the desert, a Wasp Scout with a Thief and Burglar attack them. Having to face all her past pains, Vi feels uncomfortable at first. After reaching Bee Kingdom, they talk to Zasp, Mothiva, Gen and Eri, and face the Bee Queen, Bianca, together for permission into the Honey Factory. Shortly after the entrance however, a Code 32 Error triggers (Later revealed to be because of wasps' sabotage at Honey Power Plant), locking down the factory, and both Malbee and the overseer are trapped while working inside the factory. Leif figures out how to use his ability to protect the team with a shield while exploring the factory, learning the Shield fiend skill, and the trio use this abilty to travel through the electrified panels to reach Malbee, and eventually the Overseer in the storage room, both of who make up with Vi. In a room again in storage room they fight an Ahoneyation, and after its defeat, releases Zasp and Mothiva. After reuniting, everyone heads over the Core area, where the Heavy Drone B-33 guards the Ancient Key serving as the source of the power. The drone is eventually destroyed in battle, and the core is replaced by a replica of the Ancient Key.

Areas Edit

Enemies Edit

Medals Edit

  • Shock Trooper
  • HP Plus
  • Tardigrade Shield

Quest Rewards Edit

  • Numb Resistance

Purchaseable Edit

Merab Edit

  • Numb Resistance
  • Poison Needles

Shades Edit

  • Poison Attacker
  • Super Block+
  • Status Booster
  • EXP Booster

Quests Edit

  • Leif's Request
  • Theater Help Wanted!
  • Requesting Assistance
  • Card Masters of Bugaria
  • I Wanna Get Better!
  • My Specialty
  • A Smiling Dish
  • Team Snakemouth...
  • I want a Souvenir...
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