Sacred Golden Hills is second chapter of Bug Fables.

Plots Edit

After having an official name 'Team Snakemouth' as they collect the Ancient Mask and give it to Elizant II, the trio travel to Golden Path through the caves where they found themselves after beating Spuder. They find Professor Neolith being attacked by some Wasp Troopers. After defeating them, they continue traveling into the Golden Land, which contains many wooden structures with cranks for Vi's Beemerang to interact with. After reaching the Golden Settlement, they catch up with the Harvest Festival, where they need to collect two offerings and handle them to Aria so that the festival can be finished. The Sun Offering is obtained though playing Whack-A-Worm game, where Vi knocks the worms with her beemerang. and shortly after that Prof. Honeycombs, who also attends the festival, finds that Vi owns one of her Beemerangs for some reason, later to be revealed that Vi actually bought it from Shades who stole it. Nevertheless, Prof. Honeycombs enhances the Beemerang's power, allowing it to spin mid-air and giving Vi the Beemerang Halt field skill. The Moon Offering is obtain though a eating race, with Leif racing Chubee and Zasp. After obtaining the both offerings, the trio head to Aria, who asks them to have a fight so that the entrance of Golden Hills could open. After a fight with Kabbu and either Vi or Leif against Aria, the trio gets access to the Golden Hills, and solve a few puzzles there. When they obtain the Big Crank, Mothiva and Zasp, now as Team Mothiva, try to hijack the team's plan and get the Ancient Artifacts instead, but are soon defeated. The trio reach the peak of Golden Hills, and encounter Venus, who guards the artifact, the Ancient Tablet. She sets a trial for the trio, that being a battle with her guardian. After her defeat, she has a chat with the trio about their adventures and Leif's story, and handles the tablet to the trio, ending the chapter.

Areas Edit

Enemies Edit

Medals Edit

  • Super Block+
  • Back Support
  • Weak Stomach

Quest Rewards Edit

  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Favorite One
  • Sleep Resistance
  • Mighty Pebble
  • Crazy Prepared

Purchaseable Edit

  • HP Plus
  • TP Plut
  • Poison Resistance
  • Sleep Resistance
  • Hard Hits

Quests Edit

  • Inn Review Required
  • I Want a New Taste
  • Lost Toy
  • Awful's Beauty
  • Lost books
  • Book return!
  • Parts Delivery
  • Cable Car Bodyguard
  • Hydration Crisis!
  • Dropped my Hat!

Trivia Edit

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