Cerise is a character in Bug Fables. She was created by Carson "LightningAcorns" (a.k.a. Pines) and Kassie "purupurple", along with Tanjerin.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Cerise is a Cherry Bug, a rotund species that has evolved to look like fruit. Cerise specifically appears as her namesake: a red cherry. Her head and back are a pinkish red color, and her belly is pastel with a pink cherry blossom petal pattern on it. She also has two leaves on her head which look like a bow.

Cerise is shown to prefer sleeping underground, and seems to sleep a lot. She seems to be mostly unaware of her surroundings, as when first spoken to she claims to not know what a jail is. Similar to Tanjerin, she's also not very smart, but she's much sweeter. Cerise is a bit childish, and gives Team Snakemouth nicknames before learning their actual names. She gives helpful advice about digging, perhaps because she likes to dig as well.

She cares a great deal for her boyfriend Tanjerin, expressing great joy when reunited with him after traveling all the way to Bugaria to bring him back home. Both of them are horrible with directions, but somehow managed to find their way to The Golden Settlement regardless of the perils of travel.

Trivia Edit

  • Cerise's species, the Fruity Bug, does not exist in real life. As of now, this is the only fictitious sentient species to appear in the game. However, she bears a resemblance to a common beetle with fruit-like elements.
  • Cerise was initially not canon, but as a thank-you gift to LightningAcorns for helping with the game, she was added as a favor, specifically to be a birthday gift for purupurple.
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