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Don't lecture us! We'll see who needs to get stronger after this!
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Cenn is a mid-boss fought alongside Pisci in the quest Explorer Check!. The first fight in Ant Kingdom's Residential area will have them both fleeing after taking some damage. After that they can be found near the southern exit of the Explorer's Association behind a fence, requiring Kabbu's dig ability to reach them. They can later be seen at Rubber Prison.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Born in the Golden Settlement, Cenn always found his peaceful town to be a big bore. After moons of pranking the villagers, he moved to the Ant Kingdom and met Pisci. His dreams of forming a rascal team were shut down by Maki, and he resorted to petty vandalism. Hopefully some time behind bars will help him rehabilitate...
Kabbu Maki's judgment was correct. You're not ready to be an explorer! It's not only to gain riches, but to help others! Now, let's count up your sins!
Vi What, you get called out and you come at us with a stick!? Like that'd work on something like a Spider... Just give up already!
Leif It's clear this one hasn't fought any real battles. That doesn't mean he's not stubborn, though. We'll have to put him in his place.


Cenn is a thuggish troublemaker with little respect for authority. Being rejected as Explorers by Maki led to him and Pisci attempting to fake being official and trying to use a forged permit to take cheap items from Amber, and as shown in his in-battle reliance on graceless brute force, he has little problem resorting to violence when trickery falls short.

Despite this, during the Rubber Prison's occupation, he chooses to stay put and wait for the incident to blow over rather than take advantage of the Wasps' willingness to employ the prisoners or simply use the chaos to escape or get revenge on Team Snakemouth, implying a sense of repentance for his deeds.

He and Pisci have a bond in their shared hooliganism, best reflected in how defeating one enrages the other and gives them a permanent attack boost.

Battle Information

In battle, Cenn has two primary attacks -- bashing a single party member with his stick, or throwing it like a boomerang to hit twice. While simple, his surprisingly strong single-target damage can be troublesome if the player comes unprepared. Occasionally, he may also heal Pisci with a Crunchy Leaf.

His lack of defense unlike his partner means Cenn is often the easier of the two to defeat first. However, beware that if one of the rascals is defeated, the other will gain a permanent Attack Up upon their next turn.


  • When Cenn and Pisci are paired together with Gen and Eri the phrase "Generic NPC" is made (Gen Eri Cenn Pisci).

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