Fought alongside Pisci in the quest "Explorer Check!" The first fight in Ant Kingdom's Residential area will have them both fleeing after taking some damage. After that they can be found near the southern exit of the Explorer's Association behind a fence, requiring Kabbu's dig ability to reach them. They can later be seen at Rubber Prison.

Spy Log Edit



Bestiary Born in the Golden Settlement, Cenn always found his peaceful town to be a big bore. After moons of pranking the villagers, he moved to the Ant Kingdom and met Pisci. His dreams of forming a rascal team were shut down by Maki, and he resorted to petty vandalism.Hopefully some time behind bars will help him rehabilitate..
Vi "What, you get called out and you come at us with a stick!? Like that'd work on something like a Spider... Just give up already!"
Kabbu "Maki's judgment was correct. You're not ready to be an explorer! It's not only to gain riches, but to help others! Now, let's count up your sins!"
Leif "It's clear this one hasn't fought any real battles.That doesn't mean he's not stubborn, though. We'll have to put him in his place."

Trivia Edit

  • When Cenn and Pisci are paired together with Gen and Eri the phrase "Generic NPC" is made (Gen Eri Cenn Pisci)
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