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Cave of Trials is a setup for the team to earn berries, medals and items through fighting numerous waves of regular enemies. Enemies that Team Snakemouth hasn't seen yet will be displayed as silhouettes and rewards less Exploration Points than they are supposed to. Team Snakemouth can choose whether to heal up every 10 rounds (2 heals in total) or directly quit the trial, but they cannot change their layout once the trial begins. No healing option is available after round 50. Like in B.O.S.S., losing in the trial or running away on any round will not cause a Game Over, but instead just ends the trial, and berries and other rewards are given to Team Snakemouth according to how well they've performed.

It is found in Bugaria Outskirts, on the way to the Lost Sands. Placing the Mysterious Piece inside the cave and then showing the holographic Roach the Explorer Permit will open the system, and Team Snakemouth can use it afterwards as they wish. A Venus' Bud and a saving crystal can also be found in the room.

Enemy Formations

Below is a list of enemy formations during normal mode during the trial. After beating normal mode once, a random mode is unlocked, which does not follow this formation list.

Round Enemy Formation Notes
1 Seedling, Seedling, Flying Seedling, Flying Seedling
2 Inichas, Jellyshroom, Inichas
3 Zombiant, Jellyshroom, Inichas
4 Midge, Midge, Midge
5 Acornling, Numbnail, Numbnail
6 Midge, Acornling, Weevil
7 Weevil, Chomper, Venus' Bud
8 Seedling, Underling, Flowerling
9 Cactiling, Psicorp, Thief
10 Burglar, Bandit, Thief
11 Underling, Arrow Worm, Psicorp
12 Bee-Boop, Arrow Worm, Psicorp
13 Denmuki, Denmuki
14 Bee-Boop, Security Turret, Bee-Boop
15 Inchias, Denmuki, Denmuki
16 Abomihoney, Abomihoney, Abomihoney
17 Thief, Thief, Bandit
18 Krawler, Krawler, Warden Constructs are in their Sand Forms
19 Haunted Cloth, Warden, Krawler
20 Chomper, Chomper, Chomper Brute, Wild Chomper
21 Mantidfly, Mantidfly, Flowerling
22 Thief, Jumping Spider, Thief
23 Inichas, Denmuki, Madesphy, Madesphy
24 Leafbug Ninja, Leafbug Ninja, Leafbug Archer
25 Leafbug Clubber, Flowerling, Flowerling
26 Leafbug Clubber, Leafbug Ninja, Leafbug Archer
27 Belostoss, Water Strider
28 Ironnail, Plumpling, Flowerling
29 Jumping Spider, Mimic Spider, Mimic Spider
30 Acornling, Plumpling, Underling, Flowerling
31 Jellyshroom, Bloatshroom, Jellyshroom
32 Zombeetle, Zombiant, Zombee
33 Mothfly, Mothfly Cluster, Mothfly Cluster
34 Wasp Trooper, Wasp Trooper, Wasp Scout
35 Bandit, Burglar, Ruffian, Thief
36 Wasp Driller, Wasp Bomber, Wasp Scout
37 Diving Spider, Water Strider, Belostoss
38 Chomper Brute, Wild Chomper, Venus' Bud, Venus' Bud
39 Midge, Leafbug Ninja, Leafbug Ninja, Midge
40 Security Turret, Security Turret, Wild Chomper, Wasp Bomber
41 Burglar, Ironnail, Zombeetle
42 Wasp Trooper, Bandit, Ruffian, Wasp Scout
43 Bloatshroom, Burglar, Belostoss
44 Abomihoney, Abomihoney, Abomihoney, Wasp Driller
45 Haunted Cloth, Warden, Krawler Constructs are in their fire forms.
46 Cactiling, Dead Lander β, Inichas
47 Seedling, Dead Lander γ, Seedling
48 Golden Seedling, Golden Seedling
49 Dead Lander α, Dead Lander β
50 Dead Lander γ, Dead Lander γ
Boss (secret, optional) TANGYBUG Appears only if a Tangy Berry is in the fourth item slot or there are 3 total Tangy Berries in the inventory


For every 10 rounds, Team Snakemouths will receive a reward. The first time they've reached a round, they'll be given a special item or medal. On subsequent runs, they receive a handful of berries instead. Besides this, they also receive a number of berries based on their progress. The formula of the berries obtained is TBA.

Rounds First Time Subsequent Times
10 Tangy Berry 10 Berries
20 Dark Cherries 20 Berries
30 Defense Exchange 30 Berries
40 TP Saver 40 Berries
50 Team Ribbon 318 Berries
Boss PUSHROCK Menu Code




  • Leaving a trial will keep all your items, but will not heal you, unlike B.O.S.S.
  • This area is similar to the Pit of 100 Trials in Paper Mario series, except that there are no enemy drops, and a defeat will not cause a Game Over.